Voter BLITZKRIEG in United States!

A VOTER BLITZKRIEG like never before! Americans have had their emotions toiled with to the Point creating an actual gargantuan VOTER BLITZKRIEG! The 2020 Election will be the Greatest Voter Turnout in American History!

200 Million or MORE will VOTE! And be Damned if you DON’T. Voting will have an unbelievable impact on Our Nation.

In one aspect, Trump WON, if creating or awakening American emotions like never seen before was part of his intentions. But he did that. And I’m wondering Who Is gonna pay the 400 Million Over-Budget Cost his Campaign has incurred by spending at an alarming Record in the Shortest time possible.

Fire and Brimstone Preacher is best befitting Trump’s BEHAVIOR. And yes. He reminds me of one shouting, tele-evangelising. Shouting, shaking his FISTS in the faces of the Audiences. An Old Fashioned Fire and Brimstone Preacher!

Americans are physically attacking each Other over One of them carrying an Opponent’s Sign. Lol. And Stealing Opponent Signs out of Yards. How Retarded is that? Fighting over each others Candidate? Why? These are just men. Each are just a man. Not a God. Not a person with Superpowers.

And when it’s OVER, I Pray Americans will ACCEPT the Choice that all Americans decided at the BALLOTING PLACES! Also, the Mail-In Ballots.

But no matter How pissed-off any of us get, it does NOT give anyone the right to do anything but either be Happy or be Sad. And then. yes, then-


No Do-Overs!

No running to the Supreme Court like a crying bully in a schoolyard that finally got what he deserved? A crybaby’s move…