1st attempt to use talk to Text…please forgive me😞

Denial denial denial what we going to do as I think about the country to this this morning I’m concerned about our children exactly what are they going to be experiencing is being good and it’s being bad and in many ways I’m seeing a different America America I didn’t know even existed the brutal cop killings of innocent people are not acceptable nor should they have ever been acceptable new salon treatment a people is not acceptable a President Who exhibits the greatest amount of dishonesty I’ve ever witnessed is not acceptable we live in a country a freedoms and yet at the same time we live in a country with limitations armonde we are limited by our minds that is the greatest limitations we have as I think back I can still remember when gasoline was $0.17 a gallon Bethel was $0.19 a gallon there’s so much that’s changed so many i-Ready 2 point the finger of blame but not everybody reserves the finger blame being pointed in their Direction America is running on full steam ahead and the blame game is at the front and that’s not right but it’s what Americans do and right now I’m America’s blaming everything on everybody else is being exasperated by the media it’s sad it’s very sad and there’s so many want to belong belong to anything even if anything is a violent militia and that’s sad that is sad in a few weeks I had we will be deciding on who we want to be in charge of our country I’m tired so very tired of one man in the White House dividing this country dividing Governor’s against spitting Governor’s against governors we are a country of Americans Americans who put their pants on the same way Americans who want a fair deal Americans who care Americans who love each other one man one man alone has divided this country and in many ways it cannot be denied actually is reminiscent of Adolf Hitler and that’s sad very sad I had no idea I’d ever see a president like this man in my lifetime I’ve never seen anybody like this in my lifetime and I’m not going to lie it makes me wonder are we condemned are we condemned to live forever with all the bad things this one man did with all the bad things this one men did with all the people in the world that he’s pissed off with all the people in this country that he has pissed off you can’t just go along true life Houston home people and telling everybody it’s raining this isnt a Whataburger patty melt quit pissing on us kind of life today my arthritis is really bad and I’m using this talk to text for the first time never my wildest dream did I ever thank did I ever comprehend let’s cell phones would be capable of doing so much it’s amazing it’s strange they can damn sure get you in a lot of trouble anything and everything is right there for you to see you can look up anything you can join the worst radical group in the world 2 finding a babysitter it’s amazing and at the same time it’s kind of creepy creepy very creepy I wished we didn’t have a government that spied on her body as much as it does but I guess they have to do I agree I don’t think they will ever ask me that question just like tons of other questions I will never be asked sometimes I don’t think the government gives a damn how about you and me and other times I see them do something good we’ve gotten so big there’s so many of us it’s hard for any of us to connect with just one person there might be a movie star we would love to hear just one single word from and that will never happen I live in a world that they enjoy their me time and I don’t blame them for that I’m sorry that Prescott got hurt hopefully the Cowboys will do okay maybe they will maybe they won’t I wish we weren’t living in a pandemic this has been some strange s*** some really strange s*** and I know gives everybody more opportunity to ponder life itself and are we doing it right everybody is worried about climate change now and the fires in California and it’s been a bad hurricane season Louisiana has been hit hard and that’s sad for best Louisiana in California it’s really odd Petsense the pandemic has taken place the problems with worrying about Iran and its nuclear Vision material Vision night vision hey it’s Vision night vision it’s fission not vision but that went away quickly there’s things that I still want to know and I want to know how many people Trump is killed using drone attacks I’m talking about civilians for too long now America has been using drones all over the world and cruise missiles and there’s times that I could say well when sailors are on ships and cruise missiles are launched and the next day the captain tells the sailors but no cruise missiles were launched last night and that is the official report it makes me wonder what were we attacking what were we blowing up and was it something that we wanted blown up or was it something that somebody else wanted us to blow up for them it’s a something to ponder it really is something for her under but like everything it’s not going to ever be an answer that we will ever know maybe we shouldn’t know if you’ve had a loved one died from covid-19 I want you to know that they’re with God in heaven yes they’re in heaven and I know it hurts it’s so painful when my dad died it was so painful it hurts so very bad towngas help it’ll take them out and I’ll take a while to get over it death always does nobody wants their family to die not of covet well maybe you can read through this and understand that I still love everybody and I want peace in the world and I want peace here in America I don’t want Americans hurting each other I wish we were all in the same family living under the same house could people don’t look at times like that I wish they would I wish that I could but you’re not going to I know a lot of plans that you were making have been put on hold plans for the future plans for retirement and now many are just trying to plan on my next meal I wish they would pass a second stimulus package an end this pissy game that is not helping America it’s only helping to divide her stuff like this upsets me upsets me a lot and I don’t think it’s fair the people have this much power over all of us 2 cripple us none of us are going to beg you none of us are going to employer any of you so main to all of us being mean to us this is almost as bad as autocorrect talkin and see what’s being written is not the same it’s like a little Gremlin is inside the phone what a little toot but I want you to know there will be a better day and it will not be 2021 it might be 20 25 it might be 20 28 might be 20 30 before we get out of all this mess and I can’t tell you to take vaccine when I took the polio vaccine I got polio and I will never forget that the thing that I always remember is being pushed in a wheelchair down the hallway and stopping and looking at all the children and the iron lungs in the hallway we would just stare at each other we would just stare it was such a weird weird dying dying might have been better I don’t know all right now I wish I could help you I know a lot of you wish you could help me but as long as we’re willing to help each other maybe we can really fix some of the stuff that’s needing a big fixed for 400 years America has a serious rice problem rice not rice race race that’s the word and I blame all of it on the ultra-rich they’re the ones that decide everything everything they decide everything they are the ones deciding whether or not we get a stimulus check a second one the politicians are just puppets puppets for the rich the ultra-rich too many people Blaine the simple ordinary man it’s up ultra-rich they are to blame and yes they don’t pay hardly anything on taxes in many ways that’s a joke a big joke and the joke’s on us Oliver’s I didn’t say Oliver how weird well that’s all I want to say so hopefully you have a great day please keep your family safe please keep yourself safe and don’t anybody do anything stupid just keep your keep your feet moving forward Murray Ford moving forward how weird autocorrect is so weird have a great day bye

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