What’s Changed in the Last Four Years?

  1. Disrespect is now more RAMPANT today than ever BEFORE.
  2. A Political Climate of Extreme Unrest caused Governor Gretchen Whitmer to almost be kidnapped and possibly Killed! This Current Climate of Political Unrest of Extremism. America did NOT have Four Years Ago. To TAKE OUT A Sitting IN OFFICE GOVERNOR and Not CALL IT OUT shows the darkest Era in American History has now been created in the last four Years. One Man’s unwillingness to CALL IT OUT shows why he was declared an Undesirable during the Vietnam War!
  3. Disrespect for Your Elders! Angry young people mad at Trump are now attacking the Elderly because they now believe all Elderly are just like Trump.
  4. Elderly are less Safe in their Homes Today than just the last Four Years. Completely UNSAFE! Unsafe in Assisted Living Facilities.
  5. More MUSLIMS are here in America Today than just 4 years ago! Than ever before.
  6. America IS NOT GREAT Again like someone Promised! Using a SLOGAN LINE from the Reagan Campaign Days played a beautiful Tune in the Minds of us Old. But nothing was farther from the Truth. Four Years ago, Trump said he would make America Great again and NOW he is using the same Slogan which proves that He Failed! He failed to make America Great Again! Obama set in motion the fantasy Job Market the Trump Administration inherited. Not Trump.
  7. Church ATTENDANCE is way DOWN in all four years of the last 4 years!
  8. Constantly using false image Nostalgia phrases from the 50’s and even the 40’s sounded pretty to us. But these have turned out to be Carney Falsehoods.
  9. And to KNOW how SEVERE and DANGEROUS this Virus is and you sat on your LIPS! False Statements and Deceiving is now upon us.
  10. Constantly Putting FEARFUL THOUGHTS into our minds has never been used so Masterfully for these last four years.
  11. Keeping YOU, all of us, in a State of Anxiety on a Daily Basis has been Beat on Someone’s Drum until all Ears are now sick of hearing them.
  12. More Elderly are now living with their Grandchildren or Children and not the Reverse.
  13. Women are more Disrespected today than just four years ago! Elderly too.
  14. Men in Office are Now Making Laws on What Women can do more in the last four years than ever BEFORE. In just the Last Four Years it has gotten worse!
  15. More Elderly are homeless than four years ago.
  16. Tariffs are COSTING us more out of our pockets now than four years ago.
  17. Trump is one of the Biggest Supporters of Apartheid in South Africa while making millions on South African Gold mined by Slaves. And once an Apartheid Supporter, always an Apartheid Supporter.

America must Move Forward. We’re Stuck in a One Party Mentality that is Crippling this Nation. This is NOT a Country of RED & BLUE STATES! Dear God. Until this one Man, we were always a Country of 50 States! And pitting States as RED or BLUE against each other is so Un-American! Absolutely UN-AMERICAN! And pitting everyone as BLUE & RED against each other is UN-AMERICAN!

Sure, it’s absolutely correct and fine to have different Views and Different Opinions.

But now, America has to wake-up. The Elderly need to awaken.. I have AWOKEN! I am Elderly! Having the same people from different States going to Trump Rallies in Other States is fake! Fake as it gets! And most of you never knew! Some are getting PAID $250 depending how far they drove in Vehicles laiden heavily with Trump Paraphernalia.

Yes, all of us who want TO MOVE FORWARD! If you truly do? And JOE BIDEN AND KAMALA HARRIS is the only way forward.

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