Trump’s Toying with North Korean Leader may COST America her Best Asian Ally…

Today’s News out of South Korea is disheartening! It’s Alarming. Americans gave their BLOOD defending South Korea and now, South Korea is WARNING AMERICA to get READY for the Big BREAK-UP! And Trump and Company has once again shown the World and most likely Our Best Ally in Asia that they have No Respect for the enormity of the Situation. South Korea has lived for generations with a constant enemy building a massive Army ready to ATTACK in a moment’s notice. Generations have come and gone and the battles South Korea has fought in a constant COLD WAR with North Korea came to a screeching HALT when President Trump came out of Nowhere and began toying with the North Korean Leader.

Trump had his Agenda and this True, Stance Communist Leader does too. And his aim is complete control of the Korean Peninsula. And the Off and On Love Affair with Love Letters between Trump and the North Korean Leader has served to PISS-OFF the diehard South Koreans. All male South Koreans aged 18 to 35 undertake mandatory military service. Most start in their early 20s, disrupting tertiary education or postponing career entry. For most, mandatory military service includes five weeks of boot camp, and around two years of mind-numbing battalion boredom, indoctrination, and short bouts of intense training. Understandably, few want to do military service.

This Military Service is a highly touted Ideology that Trump and Team do not understand with Trump with his own Labeling as an Undesirable by Military Veterans. Trump showed a huge amount of Ignorance and misunderstanding. And this will Cost US.

And South Korean Ambassador said-

South Korea doesn’t have to remain allied with US, South Korean Ambassador warns.

South Korea doesn’t have to remain allied with the United States as the American rivalry with China intensifies, according to a key envoy.

“Just because South Korea chose the U.S. 70 years ago doesn’t mean it has to choose the U.S. for the next 70 years, too,” Lee Soo-hyuck, the South Korean ambassador to the U.S. told lawmakers in Seoul.

But please Awaken now! China is so close to Invading Taiwan and Hong Kong that it’ll make your mind spin. But for real, a War between China and Taiwan with South Korea not offering any aid to America, it would become a devastating Blow to America as Trump will Jump in with both of his dumb feet. A War in China’s Backyard would be Mafia Cement for US.

China would love a War with not US but with Trump! TUS.They are still upset with Trump and his blatant disregard of Diplomatic Procedures. For US, Trump is like a Bull in a China Closet on many Foreign tissues.

And there is time for Trump to get a War!

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