CIVIL WAR…an Ugly Thing a Coming?

CIVIL WAR…an Ugly Thing a Coming? (smh)

I hate to THINK about this one let alone write about it. Do I SUPPORT a Civil War? Here in America, beginning very shortly? would you? Could YOU?

No, for me, I CANNOT! I WILL NOT. I have not planned for a Civil War. And I know it won’t happen Overnight, but in small Stages. I do not want to see Ameeicans killing each other over the Destructive, Divisive Words of a Tyrant.

I hope to not have to plan on how to keep my Family out of it if one begins. To keep them Safe.

But a Civil War is such an Evil, Ugly Thing!

I see no Winners! I see the Greatest destruction of something quite beautiful. But folks won’t realize it until they lose it.

Like the CIVIL WAR before, there will be Winners and LOSERS. And to the Losers, I fear a whole lot of emptiness will be out upon them and worse.

Would you put Democrats in Concentration Camps? Re-Education Camps? Could YOU?

These are my friends! I CANNOT, nor do I share Trump’s disturbing Hatred Rhetoric toward DEMOCRATS.

But, I believe only one thing will get US in a CIVIL WAR! And it would be this-

If Trump is given a 2nd Term in Office because of a Supreme Court Decision, then yes, I believe there will be OPEN and Armed Conflict here in America. And sure, this Armed Conflict could very rapidly reach to the point that we could call it a CIVIL WAR. But what Happens then?

  1. Food Distribution, Electrical Grids, and Highways and Railways would be Stopped.. But you wanted THIS? Are you Insane?
  2. Many millions would Die. And you want this?
  3. Marshal Law would be established. And you want this?
  4. A LOCKDOWN far worse than the COVID one would begin. And you want this?

Now here are more QUESTIONS-

  1. Would Trump and the Senate Declare themselves as the New Government? Sure, it could get to all kinds of Craziness! Declare Trump the New Dictator?

If so, then lots and lots of Armed Battles Would take place.


  1. Militias aren’t prepared for a long term War.
  2. There would be more wanting NO CIVIL WAR than those who will want one.
  3. Millions would be Killed. Millions more would starve to Death. Millions of others would be Killed by Foreign Troops!


  1. NONE!

None of this would ever be considered if Trump hadn’t repeatedly BLASTED America as being Divided making Democrats the ENEMY and all the VOTER FRAUD he claims will be taking place.

STAND BACK AND STAND BY-a Get Ready Warning to Pro-White Militias are words Trump used which to me does not indicate all is going to be good in the months ahead or Days after the ELECTION.

Words used secretly to possibly send Signals to Radical Right Wing Groups. Incognito Dealings?

And are there other SECRET MESSAGING Trump will use in the Next Debate? And then act ignorant afterwards snickeringly saying that all of you just misinterpreted his words.

It’s all quite pissy to even consider the relevance of even discussing Any of this now. But if I can STOP Open and Armed Conflict and a CIVIL WAR, then I WILL!. PLEASE, DON’T DO THIS! DON’T even kid about it.

And I wished our President had not been speaking the words he uses that are fully intended to Divide this Great Country in our thinking about many things. But what we are seeing is How this one Billionaire sees things. But I have to think more in line as to what I now think he is-A Dirty Rotten Scoundrel and quite possibly Insane.

I’m talking sadly now, mind you, that this man has gotten some way backwards in his thoughts that I cannot and will not agree with. And he reminds me so much of a reincarnated Adolf Hitler in his mannerisms.

Many of the things Trump does, Hitler did too with holding Town Rallies throughout Germany. sparking, sprinkling little words of discontent, approving secretive hints and fiery Rhetoric that tossed verbal gasoline against his Foes and those not aligned with His. And if you don’t stop to Observe what he has done, you can’t come to the current situation of Anger that Americans are now getting a belly full of. Enough is Enough. But the Man is determined, I think to stay in Power even if Americans have to kill each other to keep him there. But for Hitler, it was the JEWS. With Trump it’s the Democrats.

Nothing could be more wrong! I’m not going to kill others behind a Madman and his lunatic Rhetoric. Will you? Could you? But, we MUST NOT let it get to the Point of Killing each other and shedding Blood in Our Streets. We CANNOT Allow this to Happen to Democrats. Our U.S. CONSTITUTION DOESN’T ALLOW FOR THIS! DEMOCRATS are NOT a Foreign Invader.

But when He Loses, what Evil will he generate in his Last Remaining Days in Office? Pardon Fools? Create one horrible thing after another? Making things remarkably worse for the Incoming Administration?

Start a WAR? 👀This is my greatest fear.

And in the remaining of Trump’s Last Days in Office, I fear we haven’t seen how terrible it can still get and what other HATEFUL SPINS he WILL unleash up in the American Public. He’s not a nice person and he is a Sore LOSER! Let’s get him out of the White House in 2020!

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