Militias-Punks, Wannabes, and COWARDS!

Militias haven’t been around more than today. With so many Social Media Platforms going UNMATCHED, Punks, Wannabes, and COWARDS can locate each other. And I’m not talking Punk as a homosexual individual. And you can add-Losers!

Anyone can purchase a Military style gun. Shoot it lots of times and go hunting killings everything that moves. Yes, killing anything that moves.

They can also have eerily and scary looking Tattoos put all over their Body profiling their manhood. Another profiling Display of False Manhood.

And once they JOIN a radicalized group of fellow COWARDS, they will follow their Leader Punk as if he shits Golden Apples.

And suddenly, another Idiot has been sucked into nothing but a One Way Ticket to PRISON. Yes, ultimately, someone coughs or chokes on a Deal With the D.A. And sends all his fellow Punk Bros into a long-term sentence in Prisons. And PRISON is where you’ll find all the other Punks, Wannabes, and COWARDS of other chicken-shit Militias. And in about your 15th year in Prison, you will come to this all too familiar understanding of this-Man, I filed Up, I really screwed up!

Trust THIS! I Retired from working Prisons here in Texas and Convicts tell it all in the Prison. And you aren’t the 1st and won’t be THE LAST to do the same stupid thing you did. And that’s only if you LAST long enough to get out. And all the time, you’ll be glancing pot hole mines laying all over the Prison waiting to check you out.

And if you are a PUNK, they’ll find it out.

And if you’re a WANNABE, they’ll find it out.

And if you’re a COWARD, they’ll Punk you Out! Starting 1st with a MOP HANDLE stuck up your anus while rotating it in a huge circle when others hold you down. Then come the Dicks next.

But you wanted to be a member of a Militia. And it got you STUCK spending a good chunk of your Life in Prison.

And No One will CARE but YOU. But your caring might take most of the Remainder of your Life to find the Real YOU.

And the real YOU, well, you never gave him a chance. No, not a chance at all. But how did you ever let yourself fall into the many trappings that Militias USE to draw in their New Recruits and the retarded Tests that you’ll do proving that you are as Stupid as they think you are. No, Brain Smart won’t be stamped on your forehead, but LOSER might. one Militia requires the New Recruits to Kiss the Penis Head of every member while it is filmed for Blackmail purposes.

Oh yes, they lure you in and then they’ll cross you up in ways that will cost you a Prison Term or cost you your Life.

Your Life means nothing to a Militia. You’re nothing but a Cup of Coffee. Your Life means nothing.


Don’t play with them. They’ll get you back.

Stay Away from any and all Militias!

Don’t throw your Life Away!

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