American Taliban War!

October 7th, 2020 marks the 19th Year in WAR in Afghanistan. A damn long time that America will soon be cherry squatting its raw behind as it slios out of Afghanistan by year’s end.


But you need to have your head checked if you think we’ll come away as the Winner. We won’t. In the darkest way, our leaving reminds me so much of the Fall of Da Nang.

And the Fall of Saigon.

And what is the Official Title for this War in Afghanistan?

But, when America leaves, what will be takeaway with our leaving?

Did we Win?

What did we Win?

Why isn’t everyone Shouting with Joy?

And each year, we did what?

2001: The hunt for Bin Laden begins

video of U.S. Marines urinating on Taliban fighters was posted to websites in January 2012.[1][2]was posted to websites in January 2012.[1][2] The video was widely viewed on YouTubeTMZ and other sites, and caused anger and outrage in Afghanistan and the Middle East.[3][4]File:U.S. Marines urinating on dead Taliban members in Helmand Province, Afghanistan (July 2011).ogvPlay media

The video sux

Posing with the DEAD…who does that? 🇺🇸

Content of the video is so hauntingly similar to Vietnam.

And what will we have learned when we leave?

Trump Inherited the Drone War but Ditched Accountability!

Only a single formal check remains on U.S. killings worldwide.

It’s easy-We Once Were There!

No Parades! No big happy Farewells. Just Up and Leave!

And then what?

Afghanistan will RETURN to Pre-American Taliban War conditions. Yes, it will. It surely will.

Opium will once again be back in Full Swing!

Production will be unbelievable!

And what will we have Learned?

Or did or Does anyone care? Caring ain’t got nothing to do with it.

Americans are once again SICK OF ENDLESS WARS!

But did War Crimes take place? By the Americans?

By Politicians? By War Hardware Manufacturers?

Hey, the Guilt Factor is a Shit Hose spraying full Blast and it’ll get “shit guilt” on Everyone!

And as we tuck and RUN, it’s so eerily similar to Richard Nixon’s Ghost riding on Trump’s coattails.

Afghanistan would hold a War Crimes Trial and Convict TRUMP. And it isn’t pretty…but who cares?

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