Top Secret Pence-Harris Debate Secret!

During the Pence-Harris Debate, a Fly landed upon the head of Vice President Pence.

The Secret Service instantly identified the culprit Fly! And the implanted Secret Visual Device in all Secret Service Agents, all received the following Picture.

China Lands Chinese Fly on Pence!

Trump received the Top Secret Visual Image with description. And then, President Trump jumped up out of bed in his pajamas and wiggled to action and Ordered the initiation of OPERATION AGENT ORANGE!

So, during a Commercial Break, a Secret Service Agent ran to Vice President Pence, stopped, and then sprayed a Full Can of 1966 Jungle Insect Killer onto the Vice President’s Head.

Instantly, the fly fell but some of this powerful defoliant went into Vice President Pence’s Left Eye…popping a blood Vessel.

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