Texas has a $3.7 Billion Budget Windfall Option-Issue Licensed Permits to Smoke and Grow! Not Legalization!

Texas has a $3.7 Billion Budget Windfall Option-Issue Possession and Growing Permits! Not Legalization!

I’m NOT talking Legalization. No, not at all. But immediate Legislative Action needs to be made during this Legislative Session to get the Entire State on the same page. Right now, Major Cities have now changed the Rules. No Arrests or Citations will be Issued. Yet, a county away, they’ll still be Arrested and even toss a fool into Prison over the same activity.

A Crime? With 30 million Texans already regularly using, what’s the diff? Where they getting the stuff? Consequences and Views must be aligned to what Texans are actually doing. Makes no sense to criminalize those that do believe that they are not committing anything wrong.

But the Extreme Rightists are still locked deep, yes, rooted deeply into the Beliefs tucked away in their minds as children. And I was one of them. I’m Guilty. But my education in a Public school was forced on me in the most strict form with “In MY Face” extremist teachings. I was actually scared straight. But it should have been on Booze. Booze and DWIs are the real Killers and Prison Sentence Grabbers. Booze should have been the Subject grasped in the most in Public School. But no, it wasn’t. No, we were bomb-blasted with that creepy, freaky Movie known as REEFER MADNESS! And all of us were going to Hell if we ever smoked a single toke on one joint of happy weed. Dang, I still think the School System and Our Preacher was working hand in hand. Because when they showed us that Movie, our Preacher yelled Hell and Brimstone and HELL was in our future for even trying happy weed.

There was No Hope for rational Thought. So many. Yes, too many were brainwashed like I was into believing nothing but the Evil of this plant and what it did to people. And Gateway Drug words from those institutionalized with good anti-Drug Rhetoric were bombarding our heads all the time. And those saying them do believe them or they won’t get Elected to whatever they want.

But is it a Gateway Drug? No, I’ve never viewed this being the Case at all. But sure, people are Users of many Drugs or there wouldn’t be Cartels. And that’s a sore Subject with most Texans. Why in the Hell do we have Drug Cartels on our Border? Say that a few times and you’ll see the true Irony of that. But, they are there and I believe the Legislators are afraid of them. But if I was a Legislator, I’d be AFRAID too. My knees would be trembling. They are some very scary folks always killing others.

So. TEXAS has Six Big Problems-

  1. A Budget Hit Hard by a Pandemic needs $$$!
  2. State, Local, and County Law Enforcement Officers are now No Longer on the same page as to How to carry out the Law!
  3. District Attorneys are no longer on the same page.
  4. Officials are no longer on the same page.
  5. Citizens of Texas, TEXANS, are ready for a Change! And they want that Change.
  6. TAX PAYERS WANT RELIEF ON THEIR PROPERTY TAXES! We are sick of getting the never-ending money pinching attacks on our property thru Taxation without Representation. This whole Marijuana Thing could help us!

But Legalization still has a blustery day of passing because of the mindsets of a lot of the Older Voice Sayers. And I am NOT talking Legalization!

But there is another way to Solve this Issue that will satisfy most Texans-Licensed Permits

  1. Sell those wishing to Smoke in their Own Home or Apartment a State Issued POSSESSION Permit-$350 a year. Or $400 a year. $600 for a Couple living at the same Residence. This allows possession to and from a Licensed medical Use Store to their residence and to Smoke ONLY INSIDE their Residence. Most would not care to Grow their own. Smoking permitted ONLY inside their OWN Home so stated on the License.
  2. Allow the ones obtaining a Licensed Smoker Permit to obtain a 2nd Licensed Permit to Grow Self-Use Marijuana Inside Their OWN Home-$650 a year.

$1000 a Year! That’s a real pinch on anyone’s pocketbook, but it will bring in $3,000,000,000 to the State Budget alone.

De-Secretizing Weed Ownership will greatly solve the Weed Issue without Legalizing it. No, I haven’t said a thing about Legalizing it. I’m only talking about permitting the Smoking and Growing of a very small amount by Licensed Permit Holders known to Law Enforcement as to their location.

And those Licenced to Smoke the weed in their own home will be permitted to purchase their weed from a Medical Marijuana Store. Seeds and Growing and smoking apparatus for home Growing and smoking will be permitted to be Sold to those who Obtain an Inside Home Growing Permit.

A person who wishes to Smoke and Grow must have both Licensed Permits.

Sales Taxes on the above will bring in $3-3.5 Billion Dollars.

But there will be Rules!

The above Permits do NOT allow-

  1. Sale or Sharing of Marijuana to others.
  2. Smoking of Marijuana OUTSIDE the Home or Apartment.

  1. Inside Home Growing Permit only ALLOWS growing at a single Resident Address.

These two Permits only allow for a single person to Smoke and grow marijuana inside their OWN place of Residence and no other Place! Nowhere outside the Stated Residence on the Issued Permit.

So, yes, there are extreme Limitations as Stated above. But this solves many Troublesome Issues like earlier stated. And this would put Every one on the same page.

But, all of this is Doable! And there is one more possible money maker. Sell $10,000 Permits to sell Marijuana and Marijuana Smoking and Growing apparatus in every town to the new Licensed Holders. Keeping it simple will insure a successful outcome. Doesn’t have to become a difficult feat to do this.

1,214 Cities × $10,000 = $12,140,000

Now, if Washington, D.C. can be semi-legal, I see no reason why Texans can be Licensed Permit Holders. Nothing to wally-gaggle over. It’s a simple task. The rest of the Laws remain the same. Just a tiny, Budget Fund Rescuer.


I will Die one day not ever getting to do this one thing and that is to Legally smoke a Joint in my own Home here in Texas while NOT BOTHERING NO ONE! I will Die knowing that there are people in Austin who have ruined my Life and kept me in PTSD with Psychotic Episodes! I know weed works for me, but I’m not going to break the Law! No, being a Veteran, Retired, and 66 don’t count for nothing to them in Austin.

I want My right to decide for me. Haven’t I earned that right?


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