Trump’s Mental Health Scares me…how bout you?

President Donald Trump reversed course Tuesday night and urged Congress to approve a series of coronavirus relief measures that he would sign, including a new round of $1,200 stimulus checks for Americans.

Earlier in the day, he had halted talks between top Democrats and Republicans until “after I win” the election, which appeared to have killed the chances of a new package. Both moves by the president, who was released Monday from the hospital where he was being treated for Covid-19, were made on Twitter.

My fellow Americans and fellow Texans, I’m now more concerned than ever at any point of the President’s State of Mind. With great sadness and with an overabundance of reluctance, even caution, I now think Our President is Mentally Ill. And you might scoff. Humbug some of you might say. But this is not an anti-Trump talk. I’m worried about the Mental Health of the man for real. Not a joke.

With the sudden REVERSAL of Halting the Stimulus Talks and then another REVERSAL to begin them again is not saying someone is exhibiting a Healthy Mind. It clearly says the man might need mental help. And others are starting to think say because they are thinking the same thing.

But the 1st, I thought was just him playing him. That I, like you. Didn’t understand him. But, When he said he had Won in 2016 by a huge amount, the most in American History. And the amount of Americans showing-up to his Inauguration was the most in American History. Were these what he really thinks? Even when he looks at pictures, does he see only what his mind tells him to see and even when this information is wrong?

But nothing was farther from the Truth. And I have to ask you this-What if the man actually SEES what he says. He actually believes what he says.

And if that is true, that’s pretty scarry! It scares the Heck out of me.

Opps! I sent a Missile your way, but I’ve changed my mind and just forget about it.

Don’t Laugh. Had this been a pissed-off man launching a Missile and then suddenly deciding the War was all OVER and that we won? No, friends, this is as serious as it gets. If he gets us into a War, it will be his sudden, impatient, quick thoughts and Actions that will begin it. Then he might decide to End it as quickly as he starts it. And then claiming we Won if we Lose. He would accept Defeat telling everyone that he had do it in order to Work a Better Deal.

Although fictitious, I now can see a Man needing Mental Help doing the above. And there are hundreds of other examples that show how quickly he changes his mind while completely reversing himself. Reversing Important Decisions.

But I’d feel a whole lot better if he gets checked out by Walter Reed’s Mental Health Ward. Another four years with a man who is exhibiting a broken mind is scary.

But now saying he wouldn’t accept the Election Outcome unless he Wins is troubling. What if his broken mind goes into panic mode and He goes full bore at trying to Upend the Election Results. And No One is Strong enough the STOP him? Too many on his own Staff, I think, fear him right now. In his mind, he very well could believe all that he says. And that is scary. His Drive-By might indicate he still believe he was what? Leaving a Restricted Isolation Room while going out for a Drive-By is about as irresponsible as it gets, but to a man with a mental Health Issue, he might have seen something completely different. In his mind, there might be over 100,000 Cheering Fans? And not the few that were there…now, do you understand that oh yeah he has a real Issue needing help with.

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