America is NOT Divided!

America is not Divided. America has different Opinions. Yes, all of us won’t always see the same way on every thing we see. It’s not as disparaging as the Media makes it out to be. But saying America is Sharply Divided is Wrong. Use of the Wrong word!

This Morning, starting at 8am, and ending at 1pm. We’ve been watching News from the various channels-CBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC.

And yes, I’ve been counting how many times the ones talking have been using the word DIVIDED. How many times? 18 Times!

Americans are Divided, sharply divided on this or that. But really? Is America as Divided as they are making us out to be?

Constantly saying the Wrong word when the word should have been OPINION instead of using the “D” word.

We’re being hoodwinked! But why?

For Viewer Appreciation? For Viewers?

In every instance, The narrator could have used the word America has different Opinions on this Subject and that subject. But constantly hammering all of us all Day long as America is Divided.

No, we are NOT! We just have different Opinions and that is the all of it.

Start saying it correctly and quit sensazonzlizing a “Divided America”.

Why are they all using that one very wrong Word-DIVIDED? When we aren’t! A ton of Sports Talk is being Overlooked like last night’s Lakers Game and all are trying to “Hollywood” their Broadcast.

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