Needs in a Pandemic World

A Panther’s Father by the living breathing James Brown

Time to cut the Crap. I know you’re feeling distraught. You’re feeling beaten, anxious, but upset for sure. And you need to get out of here. But with this Pandemic, what’s a person going to do?

Time to go into a place like none other. A magical, but very real place. And you’ll meet intriguing characters and various animals. And you’ll start and take a week or two or a full month to finish this epic Novel. Yes, it’s an entire Novel. Not a simple 15 minute read.

But Mr. Brown, what will I get for my buck?

A good time. A time well spent to help you relax and find Hope in a Time where Hope is greatly needed. I’ve added animals into this book that you will learn what they have to say to all of us. An Animal Rights Book? I love animals and if they could only talk, what would they tell you and I? Well, come see my interpretation of what animals want all of us to know about them. But. I’ve added so much more…but do let a simple Dollar go and you’ll see the difference between the simple reads that you spend almost twenty dollars on and one that is six times longer and on only the Cost of one single Buck for the ebook.

You Hate Africa? Africans? You live in Africa? If so. This book starts right in the Heart of Africa. And then it goes to England. Then New Orleans, much later to Los Angeles. And don’t forget, NYC!

But if you want a read like none other, just grab the ebook.

Thank you…but do read them in Order starting with the 1st.

Here’s how to get all three ebooks-