Trump keeps burying himself in Grandiose Delusions!

Trump Determined to Get Vaccine Before Election, Reportedly Overrules FDA Guidelines!

By Jonathan ChaitPhoto: Getty Images

In his theatrical Monday display of flouting his doctors’ advice and returning to the White House, President Trump’s triumphal videotaped message contained a line that deserves more attention than it received: “The vaccines are coming momentarily.”

Momentarily? WTF? Man, hey buddy, I’m sorry, but I trust the FDA a whole hell of a lot more than you, Sir. Every thing coming out now sounds like you turned Straight-Up Bitch. Well, have you?

President Donald Trump says COVID-19 vaccines are coming ‘momentarily.’ Scientists say they’re not.


President Donald Trump, back at the White House days after being diagnosed with COVID-19, said vaccines in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic are coming “momentarily.” 

Doctors and scientists have repeatedly refuted that claim.

Man, where do you keep getting this shit that’s popping out of your mouth? This sounds like Shit that should be falling out your Ass. Haven’t you been reading and are they not…Opps! I forgot. You don’t like listening to anyone but yourself talking. You looking the fool now like never before.

Sir, when you lose this Election, it’ll all be on YOU! And if you try any CARNEY TRICKS to stay in Office, we’ll be there to watch them put you in Prison for Crimes against America.

Your Bullshit works only on ignorant folks and small children…we know you now and we are sick of you. We want someone New and Honest and Truthful. Not you no more.

Above proves How desperate Trump has become and he’s going down in flames…

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