I sadly must say-I have lost Trust and Faith in the Trump Administration. I used to VOTE Republican, but Not after seeing this Clown in action. He’s ruined Republican for me. And I Voted for Joe Biden because Trump’s unprofessional Behaviorisms!

My Mail-In BALLOT is now already in the Mail.

Trump turned my stomach sour because-

  1. The WALLquite utterly embarrassing.
  2. IMPEACHMENT-his blatant flaunting.
  3. Handling of COVID-19-failure to listen and argued with Health Officials.
  4. DEBATE-Lost His Cool too many times.
  5. And these were enough for me.
  6. Mitch McConnel also destroyed my view of Republican.
  7. Not paying any significant amount of his fair share of his Income Taxes.
  8. Books written about him are extremely offensive to me.
  9. His late night Tweeting upsets my digestive system.

I honestly don’t think any Republican now understands what being a Republican means any more after these past four years.

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