COVID-19 DEATH Numbers FAKE! America has Lost Trust in the Trump Administration!

Investigators are now uncovering an Alarming Trend of the Truth being manipulated by the Trump Administration. Not surprising. And the number of Turnovers and pointing to one simple Question-How far are you willing to sell your Soul? Telling or supporting known Lies Is just as Wrong on all Levels as the one who originated the Lie!

When a President thinks or merely presents the Idea that he is smarter, also saying he knows what everyone of us wants, than every single American, far Smarter than Scientists, Military Leaders, Medical Doctors, and Health Officials, eventually, a Hallmark of American Society is that TRUST will collapse. And it has. Lies from the White House has taken us to our lowest low.

Americans Lie to each other. All of us know that. We’ve learned to live with that. It is routine. It’s what people do. Nothing surprising. Nothing new.

But what is surprising is when the U.S. President repeatedly unleashes round after round of Lies to the American Public. Upon the American Public. This has NEVER been done here. Never before. This has proven to be harmful. False Truths that have been small to extraordinary. Lying over and over again as if He obviously doesn’t understand why the American People no longer Trusts Him! Or any member of His Administration. Some might say the White House has become a house of King Rat and all of his baby rats. Or maybe should be a TV series called Liar’s Club! And every person, every sector of Society that protects these Lies’s Source is wrong. Saying it’s Okay for the White House to Lie to us is wrong.

Our Children have been put on a Carnival Ride!

But never has the American People been taken down a road of such incredulous Lying. And the man is the best. But his Lies are quickly piling up and it leaves little room for…

Fake News is being Controlled by the man…destroying Proud, honest, And Sincere work done by hard working journalists seeking, always Searching for Truth and Reporting it to the American Public. But the White House has Betrayed all of us by nearly destroying good Journalism here...attempting to Kill the Messengers by declaring all of it as Fake News.

Fake News is Carney work done by Clowns in a Circus! Not by highly achieved and award winning Reporters. This very spreading of all reliable News as FAKE has provided the White House a Platform for Deception. For Deceiving all of us instead of telling us the Truth. All the which to attract mind’s eye away from terrible Truths.

But forget the lying. The Man’s Ability to Lie and Deceive is what he does best and what he will be BEST remembered for by Most Americans.

I’ll never forget his ability to tell Lies!

And in the 1st Debate, the man in the Oval Office scares The Hell out of me with his child-like Anger. Biden was obviously cooler under pressure, showing a remarkable Cool Head under a constant onslaught by the White House. The following are…

  1. America is NOT DIVIDED-it’s an illusion placed into your Mind by the most powerful Office in America. It’s merely just one more distraction.
  2. A White Supremacist Racist is in the White House. He’s put the “White” back in the White House. I believe the man either hates or is Afraid of Blacks, Mexicans, and Orientals-especially Chinese. His wanting Immigrants from Only White Anglo-Saxon Countries proves this, claiming them to be far better workers than undesirable Minorities.
  3. An Actor is in the White House.
  4. You are not as Upset as much as you think you are if you will only think about what or How did you become Upset and all of it points to one place–The White House-one person.
  5. A Military Undesirable is in the White House. Yes, during the Vietnam War Period, that’s what we called all the ones that repeatedly Avoided the Draft by School or Medical Deferments.
  6. COVID-19 Death Numbers are FAKE in America! Faked because someone didn’t think you could handle it…or is it his subconscious that can’t handle it?

And they are just now discussing this in the Media-

There should never have been as many COVID-19 DEATHS here in America as there have been or will be. Instead of working hand in hand with the Health Community, He chose to Defy It, Defy Them! And thus, he Killed, single handedly, killed many Americans.

I believe the man is Unstable and is unable to professionally carry out the Office of the Presidency by his continuing to Lie and Deceive all of the American Public. And…

  1. The Wall has become a National Humiliation.
  2. His personal Debt, Taxes, College Admission Deception, College Grades, Labeled as a Military Undesirable, Book Publications reflecting this Man, and so much more are National Embarrassments.
  3. Operation Warp Speed is a National Embarrassment because People do not trust in in Oval Office. And because of this, the Public will be overtly reluctant to try a COVID Vaccine related to the Trump Administration. TRUST has evaporated.

I am a nobody and I know nothing for sure, but do you?

I sadly must say-I have lost Trust and Faith in the Trump Administration. I used to VOTE Republican, but Not after seeing this Clown in action. He’s ruined it for me. And I Voted for Joe Biden!

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