Man Caused Climate Change-How do We say Sorry when we’re All Dead?

Which picture? Which Data Report? Which Event will all of us accept as ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

Our World Culture of Carbon Gases is out of Whack? We cannot simply Ignore the World Climate Change as being a fictional Subject brought about to Scare Us. But no, it’s HERE!

2020 is the Year of CLIMATE CHANGE PROOF! Just “click” on any picture below to see the Proof. In years past, I’ve POSTED dead animals burned in these Fires that some considered too crass and completely unacceptable. But do we have to take ever person by their hand and walk them right up to the places where these images were taken before We accept these as Proof? And these are the tame pics.

And you say-Next generation has got to FIX IT! But if we DON’T START NOW, our Great Grandkids are going to be living in an Apocalyptic World or DEAD.

They could be burying each other at a rate of 100 times worse than this Covid Pandemic. On a weekly basis.

A Report was presented in the early 1980’s, yes, 1980’s and it has been checked over and OVER and guess what? It predicted what would Happen all the way to 2020 very accurately. And we’re here and We Can See it, but people aren’t expressing enough care to see Change to Take Place.

What can you do to fix this?