Your Mind will be Affected by COVID-19!

Long after the fire of a Covid-19 infection, mental and neurological effects can still smolder!

And if that doesn’t SCARE YOU I guess nothing about this Virus will.

The brain is one of the largest and most complex organs in the human body.
It is made up of more than 100 billion nerves that communicate in trillions of connections called synapses. And COVID loves it!

Unless you are Elderly and On a Ventilator, you might think Hey, I’ll take my Chances or ITS NOT THAT BAD! Doesn’t hurt Young People. It’s an Old Person’s Disease! And you are right about that one.

God created COVID to kill all you Old People responsible for Climate Change!

Well, there’s a ton of ways to disperse the Blame for this Virus. Or even approve who it kills if that is how You think. You may want to Blame China and that’s okay. It appears to have originated from there. But don’t Shout it because you might want to see what Bad Ones have been born right there in your own Country. Past ones and Future Ones.

This is a Global World. The Earth is not BOX Shaped and you go to the end and Fall Off! Lol. But people didn’t know and what is pitiful is the Ignorance associated with this Virus.

PEOPLE still are listening to Freak shows, Shock Shows, and Pulpit Flame Throwers. Or the Trolls!

Not so many are WATCHING the SCIENCE! You might want or rather watch or listen to a trivia talk show making it all up like a fairy tale.

BUT! COVID CAUSES LASTING AFFECTS FOR MANY PEOPLE! And Boris Johnson continues to suffer from fatigue.

But there is the Mental Affect! Smart before, Stupid afterwards. But the QUESTION is it’s easy to say what people tell you to say. Stupid? Some are barely capable of just walking. Some are leaving Hospitals in wheel chairs. But, COVID hits many folks very badly like Alztimers.

And anytime a person goes into a hospital with COVID, they should sign a Power of Attorney over to someone whom they Trust. Yes, this disease can impair a person’s judgment and cause them to make stupid decisions. Stupid Choices. Sign paperwork that they cannot comprehend. Make disastrous decisions. Or be so impaired that they cannot make a single sentence.

But are you still in denial that you need to protect yourself? Couldn’t find any face masks on the Internet? Tired of reading different stories on which Mask works best? News today some times analysis too far to provoke a person’s anger side.

You pissed me off, that pissed me off and I just don’t care, I’m not Masking! And you’re not working in an E.R. are YOU? Do they wear Masks?

So, what is dumbfounding is how many aren’t Masking at all and when they get it-It’s your fault!

But I’ve seen people give stupid words coming out of their mouths. And when a person shouts in my face. Claiming it’s all right there in the Bible for you to read too.

Last Days? End of Times rhetoric? Watching the Proud and Highly Privilege-d. Always so right and all of us are so wrong. Like we can eat their poppycock. Really?

I’m sorry, but I choose to KNOW, to read, to still continue to be informed by good Branded sources. Not Idiots running in the Streets with their heads on fire saying Tasmanian Devil Trashings to play koi fish on your brains-looks pretty, sound pretty, but it is making you an imbecile. Lol. Not completely really…lol


Long after the fire of a Covid-19 infection, mental and neurological effects can still smolder! Read it-