What we could have had…

What we could have had was a far better Winter for Flu and Coronavirus by everyone Social Distance and WEARING A FACE MASK! I searched and read for over an hour on this Subject…

What we could have had…

But will we? No, not at all. People aren’t listening at all. It’s becoming a National DISASTER. And it will. But today, I went to a restaurant and bought a takeout order. And I talked with the Owner and I asked where her mask was and she said-

I’ll never wear one. It’s all a Joke. If it were important, we’d wear one 24/7 during the Winter.

And I said-

Well, you better to get ready to join Trump in Walter Reed.

And then two guys walked And stood within inches of me standing in line to pay for their meals.

It was a J O K E! Ain’t hardly no one taking Wearing Masks for real. Seriously…very few.

A century later, the advent of modern molecular techniques confirmed that surgical masks can indeed provide good protection against flu. In a 2013 study, researchers counted the number of virus particles in the air around patients with flu. They found that surgical masks decreased the exhalation of large viral droplets 25-fold. The masks were, however, less effective against the fine viral droplets that can remain suspended in the air longer and are therefore more infectious, cutting them by 2.8 times.

Folks, I know we could have had a better Winter, but I’m afraid that the Predictions are going to be pretty accurate and SAD.

Take care of yourselves.

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