Time Travel

If there was ever a more popular subject matter for man to ponder, this puzzlement of Time Travel still perplexes all of us. It does. It has. It will. It will always. Future generations will.

Go West, Young Man! And just like this once romantic four word phrase eluded men to ponder his future prosperity, they tossed fear to the side and jaunted off to the West.

There’s Gold in them thar Hills! Another phrase that sparked man’s wonderment with prosperity brought many to places seeking their riches. Men tossed aside their worries and cares and went Gold Hunting.

Time Travel! And would you do it? Would you too toss away your cares and troubles and step forward to be the 1st to travel in Time? Would you? And what if it were a One Way Trip? No Return Allowed or possible? Go to correct a big Mistake? To add wealth to your family’s portfolio? Yes, some would. But what if it meant going back bare-assed and straight forward Naked? And when they saw Naked Boy which is YOU, how will they view you in the year that you returned?

What if a Professional Athlete went back to play against himself? But what would you do? And have you ever let your mind be tickled with Time Travel thoughts? Don’t look around, no one knows what we are thinking. So, yes, enjoy your Time Travel thoughts. I do and I admit, I do take a peep to see which brilliant mind has chosen to dabbling a write about their view about traveling in Time. In real time and not from a Science Fiction point of View. It’s okay. Albert Enstein tossed his nutts on it too. We all have or at least, we do ponder about it.

I find myself always looking to see a new Video about it. A new Time Travel Machine guaranteed to WORK. Or proof someone tells all of us is them in a photo taken a hundred years ago. Or a new Physicist offering even more support of Time Travel being possible. All of them toss their two cents into the mix. But so far, no cigar on a Winner. No known Time Machine available. Or is it? Is there one out there? Many think the Super Collided is going to be the Gateway.

Would a Government or Billionaire tell us? Yes, that they have one and more importantly, have they used it? Many respectful events do seem clearly possible linked to a time traveller having a hand in it. Or no?

But where do you stand on it? Hope it happens or please-NO DON’T DO IT! Or, it will never get done.

But right now, Climate Change Is going to rip man’s Balls off because just like the Pandemic, You cannot get everyone on the same page. Even World Leaders bounce out of stuff. The Paris Accord was and may be the only Chance man has left. But, again, words and Signatures are meaningless unless actions are followed through and words are kept. Just like the Iran Nuclear Deal. Another example of how finicky things can get in a hurry. Right or Wrong, again, a Time Traveller might get one chance to fix one event.

And what if it was YOU who were asked to make a One Trip Sacrifice to fix one event? One event.

To stop one Assassination? And prevent WWI? Save MLK? Who or what would you give your life to fix? Or is it something totally else?

You want to go 100 years in the Future. And which Sci-Fi Movie would you want to find as the Reality of that time? Air unbreathable? Radioactivity intolerable? Mercury Poisoning making meat uneatable? Fish especially? Would they Hang You. When they find out from what year you come from blaming You for their problems?

Paradox City! And you can toss in a hundred of your own and then write your Sci-Fi Movie too.

But it’s still fun to think, ponder And Dream Time Travel.