Trump calls Out For Trump Poll Watchers! Want the Truth?

During the worse GODDAMN PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE in American History, Trump tossed another acorn of B.S. to some, not most, of his Followers to Go into the Polls as His TRUMP Poll Watchers. WTH!

If Trump told you to shoot your Big Toes off or Rob a Bank, Would You? Just because all of his people took off their Face Masks at the Debate defying the Mask Wearing Rules at the Debate Location that they all had agreed to beforehand DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN TOO! Their Rule Breaking is nothing but hand feeding all of us their feces.

Here, eat my shit sandwich! And Trump is feeding us the biggest one!

And I’ll bet there are some stupid enough to do what I just asked would you do? Shoot you toes off or Rob a Bank if Trump suggested it to you?

But Trump is laughing at you by how damn gullible or stupid some of you are. He suggests retarded stuff and. Stupid People will do it.

And I know by the evening of November 3rd, 2020, all of us will be reading, watching, or hearing about People Arrested at the Voting Polls doing stupid shit Trump suggested for them to do.

But you should not let your guard down and be one.

But hey, if you go into the Polls as self-proclaimed Trump Poll Watchers, you better damn sure get ready to get arrested if you are not following all the LAWS. There is a right way and a WRONG WAY! Just because Trump suggests something doesn’t make it LEGAL!

A whole Bunch of you gathering at and going into Voting Polls and Announcing that-We have arrived, all thirty of us are self proclaimed Trump Poll Watchers? And if you do, we’ll watch you on the evening News for being arrested.

Maybe you think all of this is one big J O K E! Voting is NOT a JOKE!

Are you that missing link mankind has been looking for?

But for real. Before you do a thing, you need to know-

Poll Watchers have to be sent by a candidate to sit and watch the voting process.  They can not interact with a voter.  They can only speak with the Judge. 

There are only two poll watchers allowed at a location.  TWO! NOT SIX OR TEN OR THIRTY!!!

If a location has poll watchers it is nothing to be intimidated by.  They can not watch you cast your ballot. 



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