College Monopolies…Is it time for a Break-Up?

Is it time to Break-Up the Monopolies that Colleges have on America? Colleges are a Justification of Existence”. But are they really? Colleges are the main reason or responsible for Division in America. For enforcing Social Class Division. Justifying all that White Privilege represents for over 300 years. But now, Social Class Privilege. They are also responsible for keeping chains on Segregation in place.

They will say-No Way, but it is Truth. They are living in a shielded World of COMFORT! Comfort knowing that they have You Tricked into Thinking that they ARE and You Are Not.

These Monopolies on Society must be broken-up. Building Billion Dollar Monoliths! Must End!

Token Numbers of Minorities are gargled in the Kooky Loop to show their Idea of Equality. But it’s all but Showmanship. Merely for show. And the Idea that the brightest go here or there is only that they want to present a Shield of Hyper-Protection from Public Scrutiny.

But had Public Scrutiny analyzed every College and University in America, many would have had their Doors Closed or they would have accepted a need for change. They are Scandalous! Scandals of every sort are just waiting to be unearthed. And when investigators come around investigating, they circle the wagons so a penny will never get thru.

Very little done in College cannot be taught in a Trade School. Very little. But many put up such a smoke screen of “We are THOU, and the Rest of You are THOU NOTS”. And of course, the Upper Nose Turned Upwards approach to common man. And who is THAT? YOU! YOU! YOU! You and I are common man, common woman. We are looked upon as imbeciles. Low Class. Even some view us as Scum. There is a mystic that Only the Brightest and Most Brilliant go to the Costliest Ones. Man, that’s pure Bullshit. Only the White and Social Class Privileged go to them. But especially the RICH!

Anyone who has No College Degree?

Many have taken their College Degree as a means to alienate the Rest of Society from getting good Jobs. The members of one College will ONLY use Graduates of their College that they got their Degree from. And Professors treat their “Getting their Doctorate” as secretive as getting the Holy Trail. It’s highly Political. And if you’re not Okay with the entire G A Y Picture, then you’ll suffer greatly. Gay is rampant in College Professorships. And they are locked tight in Secrecy. Super secrecy.

They invented “face to face ZOOM”.

Yes, deep in the dusty halls where spiderwebs grow, there are the hidden school secrets of dastardly deeds done by students. “Things of Regret”. But good things to keep everything running in a straight line and highly advantageous. Allowing poorly performers to enter to keep money pouring in. The connections to backdoor dealings are endless. But do you have a College Secret under wraps still Lying in the dark rooms or bedrooms of a Professor. And were you filmed while in a Professor’s loving arms in that bedroom? Many a virginity were stolen in the Professor’s bedroom. And rampant Sexcapades

Ran so foul that Official Meetings had to be held to slow it down.

And is this where some Students learned How to Drug a Date? After-all, this is where the innocent are taught many a thing. And for some, it is the lamb being brought to the slaughter.

Would it not be Horrific if sexual misconduct among all Colleges and Universities was worse than the Catholic Church and Boy Scouts combined?

And is there a cure to the hidden need of further education after High School?

ACT and SAT need to be DEMOLISHED!

These are two of the Biggest Bullshitting Ideas still out there in yours and in the minds of parents. They are BULLSHIT! And Colleges know they are!

Here’s one Example-I failed them not once, but TWICE! My biggest problem is I read slowly. Always have. But I got a College Degree. And I had to pay for my Degree. Wasn’t given to me. Wasn’t paid for by Mommie or daddy.

And a Doctor friend I asked this to, a Medical Doctor-Could I have gotten a Medical Doctor Degree?

And he told me this-You got your License to Fly, didn’t you? And if you can do that, you could have become a Medical Doctor too.

And why say that? I took the Medical Entrance Exam and FAILED IT or didn’t SCORE high enough and then for several Years. They Posted that they HAD NOT met their Entrance Class Quotas. And that meant Empty Seats and I could have had one if not for that Damn Mindless Test of What? Slow Readers Not Welcome!

There! PROOF of the Smokescreen being hoodwinked on all the Land. It’s not that most cannot Graduate College, it is a Matter of them Keeping Things like THEY WANT THEM! They content to NOT teach Scum. To teach imbeciles. To be teach people beneath them.

And that’s all of it. Professors don’t want the less than whom they deem Brilliant in their Classes. They don’t want to share that which they consider Sacred, the Professor Oath-Thou Shall Not Teach those who Do Not play by the Invisible Rules. and never the less fortunate. But they will send kids out to STUDY you and me and all of us in one Classified Study after another or just to get kids out off their hair and give them something to do.

The stupidest thing I ever had to do for a Class Study was sit at a corner with a STOP Sign and see how many Cars came to a FULL STOP and how many did a ROLLING STOP or didn’t Stop at all.

But, I see no reason why any kid cannot get a College Degree at any College or University that they pick.

And for FREE works for me!

But in person? No, do all of it ONLINE. PUT AN END TO ALL THE MONEY MINING MONOPOLIES of Colleges and Universities. Anyone graduating a High School in the U.S. or getting their G.E.D.

We would then have an overabundance of Doctors and Nurses and Lawyers. Everything would become Consumer Cost Friendly then. Not High Prices like they are now.

More Educated would equate to less Crimes and less incarcerated.

More Educated would equate to more in better paying Jobs.

More Educated would equate to Ending Social Status Privileges.

More Educated would equate to less poor.

More Educated would equate to less inequality.

So, isn’t it time to Bust-Up these Colleges and Universities holding the rest of America Back?


And Half the Classes, a Student doesn’t need. These Colleges and Universities can be broken down into Mini Ones relying, focusing on ONLY the SUBJECT-MATH, SCIENCE, GEOGRAPHY, MEDICINE, MEDICAL, and so on. By doing so, endless and wasteful Classes would be Cut Out completely.

Junior College could and should be added to High Schools. Optional or NOT? Right there and for FREE! FREE to all who want it.

Do I believe change is needed? Yes, I do. And until the money runs dry will they truly be analyzed for the Good that they do and for the Bad that they do upon Society.

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