Do you enjoy getting Blamed for EVERYTHING? Well, get ready. Why? I’m finding more and more stuff being born on the Internet BLAMING BABY BOOMERS FOR EVERYTHING!

Dang, I didn’t realize we were the only ones Alive that chose to Live by what everyone considered NORMAL. And now, We are to Blame for everything from Food People say that they HATE to Race Issues to Climate Change. We are apparently to Blame for everything that THEY seem to dislike or HATE. Don’t believe me? Here, read it for yourself-


And I’m sorry, but Our Grandparents and Parents survived WWII when everything was Sold using Ration Books. And if you didn’t have the Ration Book Coupons to buy stuff like Tires and such, you could not buy it.

People ate little. People ate Cheaply. People survived. And THEY taught their kids how to Survive. And if the future generations can’t or won’t appreciate the Sacrifices made for them by their previous Family Members, then. OMG! Your Kids are going to LOVE beating their Drums about all of you. Far worse than what you are Drumming-Up about all of us Baby Boomers.

Save the Planet and Kill the Baby Boomers is a stupid way to accept your own blame.

Foods you Hate are all that was on the shelves on some days. No, there weren’t these Unbelievable Grocery Stores you have Today.

And, most of you don’t have a Clue about the BLUE LAWS that were in effect for Our Generation.

Always remember, when you pointing your fingers of Blame at someone, How many are pointing back at you?