Spring 2021-More College FOOTBALL and XFL! HOORAY!

XFL and more NCAA FOOTBALL will rule the Roost! Yes, Sir. Yes, Ma’am. And by the beginning of 2021, everyone will be ready for more Football and for FANS in the Stands! But hopefully, everyone will have a better understanding of exactly How to Keep everyone Safe. Yes, staying Safe is most important.

And I see no reason why all of these Games can’t be on TV. Yes. TV coverage is all important. And hopefully, there will be a huge number of folks having a Covid Vaccine Shot.

But how are you doing? How has your family done? I hope you are doing good and I hope you have enough food to eat. And water to drink. I am always reading about populations and I know some Countries are having a difficult time feeding their population. I do pray every day for all of you.

WELL, start those Diaries. This Pandemic is only once in a hundred years event. Have a good day

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