Fall 2020 BUCK FEVER

BUCK FEVER!!! Ever had it? Ever gotten it? Or, is it even REAL? Real! For the fair-de-well it sure is!

Preparing for a good and enjoyable Buck Hunt is in most Hunters minds. But when the 1st winds of winter come blowing in, so does those tingling feelings of the Upcoming Deer Hunt! And good planning is a must…

  1. SAFETY! Must be 1st.
  2. Place to Legally Hunt. As more and more of the Land here in Texas is being continually “High-Fenced” to keep Deer takes place, so does the asking Price if these Hunts. Some are all inclusive of a Trophy Buck, great lodging and meals, Guided Hunt, 100% Success Rate and all you got to do is pay $20,000-$75,000 Dollars for a Lifetime of bragging rights.
  3. Hunting License-get it! Hunt Legally.
  4. Hunting Smart-following the Hunting Laws of Texas.
  5. Prepare your Firearm. Purchase the right Firearm, ammunition, and related COLD WEATHER gear. And clean your Firearm, take the gun to a Range and make sure you and the gun are Happy with each other. Guns do breakdown by rust or misuse or wrong ammunition. Do not take anything for Granted.
  1. Approach all “downed Deer” as still being Alive and capable of attacking you.
  2. When you are following a “blood trail” of a wounded Deer, DO NOT GIVE-UP! But be Smart and don’t take Trespassing for GRANTED!
  3. Plan for a Good, Happy, and Successful Hunt.
  4. Be HAPPY that you went Hunting even if you never see a Deer. Or can take a Safe Shot at a Deer. Enjoy yourself! Teach and Take kids wanting to go. If they say NO, don’t force it. Take them fishing first.
  5. Have Fun! Take Pictures! Enjoy the Deer Meat.
  6. My Secret! I always have all my Deer Meat turned into Hamburger Style Meat and I use this-
  7. One Lb of Deer Meat, One LB of Beef Sirloin Steak Meat, and one Lb of Beef Fat added to every 10 Lbs of Deer and Sirloin, but you can add One Lb Beef Fat for every five Lbs of Sirloin and Deer depending on how much Oil taste you like in your Chili. I use this for Chili Meat and Taco Meat. This way, the “unfamiliar Deer Meat Taste” is not overwhelming to young eaters. And it’s a good year round meat to have…