Soda, Soda Pop, Soda Water Bottles…

WOW! Some of these pictures will bring back loads of fun memories. Soda Bottles, Soda Pop, Soda Water Bottles. Yes, all over the Country, everyone was using slang words to identify that they wanted an Ice Cold Drink of delicious flavored Sugary Soda Waters.

10, 2, and 4-It’s Dr. Pepper Time!

There’s even one showing Dr. Pepper with its famous identifying logo on its bottle which meant-10, 2, and 4, It’s Dr. Pepper Time. And what are those three numbers? 10, 2, and 4 is Dr. Pepper Time. Yes, they advertised for us to Drink a Dr. Pepper at 10 am, 2 pm and 4 pm every day! And it was shown all the time on TV and the Radio. And we did. And we got us a good case of Diabetes from it. And other things that we did and yes, too many of us came down with Diabetes.

But for entertainment and something Poor Folks did, which we surely were-

I remember watching out the window of a car barely moving along that had no A/C or walking along the side of a road looking for these Soda Drink Bottles that a Grocery Store would give us a penny or two pennies per bottle. Yes, 1 cent or 2 cent deposit on every one we found. Then, we could use those coins to buy BB’s for our BB Guns and Comic Books. It’s what kids from where I was raised did. Our family did.

But did you do that too?

In a little known town near Double Mountain was a small town of Aspermont in West Texas. Yes, in a small town where the hills were filled with lots and lots of rattlesnakes. Even before you walked outside your door on your house, you’d look around and down for those Rattlesnakes. They were everywhere.

And we learned to shoot a long time before we could walk. Everywhere out there, Our parents would prop us up on their knees and we’d sight the gun in on a target and pull the trigger of a rifle. Some of us carried guns on our bicycle. Yes, you carried guns to kill Rattlesnakes. Every year, you’d hear of someone getting bitten…

And we loved our Soda being ICE COLD, But here, look at these bottles and take a trip down memory lane-boy howdy, these bottles will sure put a tattletale on you and your age…lol…some were even being used as Dildos. Lol…that’s what one of my Uncles said folks used them for also. And I do remember hearing someone asking someone-What’s wrong with you? You got a Coke Bottle shoved up your ass? Lol…but take a look and see if one of these brings back a fond memory.