COVID-19 VACCINES will be a Catastrophy!

COVID-19 VACCINES will be a CATASTROPHY! And how come, Mr. Brown, you ask?

Friends, Mi Amigos, Mi Compadres, Mes Amis, Mera Costa, I completely drew-up an Emergency Plan of Vaccine Distribution based upon WHO & UNICEF PROTOCOL. And nothing seems to work here in the United States. The landscape is not a simple concrete road to follow. Many will be missed. But trying to inoculate millions from facilities that can meet the incredible sub-ZERO temperatures of the mRNA Vaccines can only be carried out in a limited number of Cities. And why is that? Okay, simply put in easier terms is this-Imagine you have just Announced an Evacuation Order for Houston. This event with millions of cars in all traffic lanes exiting Houston will snake out causing a traffic snarl. And then in each car, how many are there? Needing a Shot? And none are required to STOP. But no matter how good your intentions are, America and other Countries are poorly equipped to handle a huge Distributions of anything on this Level. Food Distribution lines for the hungry extend for miles every day. And this is maybe what? 1% of America’s population? Hours upon hours of waiting in any line is upsetting, but how long will every inoculated person need to sit to ensure No Sudden SEVERE Reaction has occurred? An hour? Three hours? A certain amount of time will need to take place. And every stoppage will only shore-up in this Catastrophy.

Some have hinted at Drive-Thru Inoculation Lines. And with even these. You might be able to do 6-8 thousand a day. And how many days for a City of ten million? At 6000 a day, it would take 1,667 Days or 4.5 years! You will be identifying every person and checking Records and this will slow everything down as well. 6000 a day may be pushing it at one Inoculation Site at a time. Then, you want everyone to get a 2nd Shot of the Same Vaccine within 30 days? And you think people are going to be up for that one too? Toms will, Dicks won’t. Karens will, Sallys won’t. But even if you ramped it up to 20,000 Vaccines given per day in one City with 10 million means only taking 500 Days on the 1st go-around of Shots. Then the 2nd Shot is still coming…

Vaccines themselves won’t be a Catastrophy. It’s the Distribution that is going to be such a consequential catastrophic upheaval that I really don’t like much to contemplate in the whole scenario. And oh yes there’s plenty of room for even greater breakdowns of getting two shots to anyone who wants them.

By the end of 2021, everyone will know the ends and outs of every Vaccine. And by the end of 2021, more Vaccines will be churning out. Maybe the best one. But these, most likely, won’t have the Operation Warp Speed monetary Benefits attached to them. And this will cause problems of gaining enough money to do all Three Phase Studies. But, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed with having the need of getting Two Shots, instead of just one of the same Vaccine. But the Cost of Distribution alone will be significant. Recruiting, Training, Paperwork Preparations, Vaccine Safety Protocols with Training, Training on Handling, and Deciding and Setting-Up Shot Inoculation Sites. And follow-ups Calls should be included to check on all Vaccine Recipients. Why a follow-up Mr. Brown? Simply put, past Histories have shown “mRNA substances” have a record of being unstable. There will be “screw-ups” and these unreported will cause lots of grief. So, in a way, part of all of this is Dr. Frankenstein in a strange way and the Public is the The Monster. We are. We are going to be Tested upon. Yes, we are. Until millions get these Vaccines, only then will the Truth be Known. I’m afraid millions will become so exasperated, they will give-up trying to get a Shot. But, these super sub-zero temperatures requirements that these mNRA Vaccines need is going to be another Catastrophy because many giving the Vaccines will not, will not follow all the Protocols required and thus, they will be administering “unstable” Vaccines into the arms of many. I do believe it will be mid-2021 to the latter part of 2021 before everyone will see a simple way to get a Vaccine and SAFE one. One that all Protocols were followed. By that time, the places administering mistakes will have been identified. But then comes the Price Tag of $10 Billion Dollars to inoculate all Americans twice. Maybe more money, maybe less. Waiting for States to cough-up that kind of money will be frowned upon by State Officials.

We still have Hope! Yes, we do.

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