Democrats, you are once again proving your laziness. Trump is besting Biden HANDS DOWN! And with 47 Days left, Americans have once again proven how finicky they can be. How they truly are. And to say the Minority Base loves Trump is Horseshit here in Texas. By November 3rd, Trump will have an Approval Ratings of 62% or Higher. And on November 4th. All you Democrats will find out that it was a Blitz Razzle Dazzle by Trump and it will keep Democrats at home instead of Voting called Give-Up Idis!

Too many of my Hispanic Friends are 2nd Generation Americans where their parents migrated here to the United States. And Republicans have proven that they Want a WALL on our BORDER. Proving once a fine thing of saying all pro-Trump Hispanics are White Privileged too. Bueno! Muy Bueno!

Yes. He went to El Paso and they still’re trying to clean-up from all that manure Trump left there. But by God, Hispanics love Trump!

By God, Trump doesn’t have a clue between the difference of these-Mexicans, Mi Familia, and Mi Huentah(misspelled). And these are very distinct differences in beliefs in the three. And I have friends in all three.

But the Media wants you to swallow that Manure too! And Democrats are weaklings And they can’t do anything without asking for permission.

And now, I’m going to Piss-Off all you Democrats cause you need to have your itty-bitty minds woken-up.

Just one Idiot Tweet. Just One Video. Just one picture can wreck All Y’alls Campaign!

And the Media Trump Blitz has now begun.

And all of it is aimed at PREVENTING YOU DEMOCRATS FROM crawling Y’all’s butts off your moldy smelling like they embedded in fresh fart smells COUCHES and go to the Polls. No, most y’all going to reach for another Triple Bag of Potato Chips instead of going to VOTE. Why? You’re LAZY as all get out. LAZY!

No, most Democrats are going to VOTE to STAY HOME instead of Voting for Biden. And the next Day, y’all gonna say you Voted because you watched and grew discouraged by the Polling Numbers and other razzle, dazzle stuff Trump and his Media Blitz is going to put on all you weaklings.

Ever heard of the Rasmussen Daily Poll?

It bears witness to How Daily Finicky people are. Truly! And Trump is a Master Manipulator on Swinging Folks Daily Views of stuff. He is. And he knows how to Cause Rage in his Base and They are coming out to Vote in Masses!

November 2nd, Trump will Blitz the hell out of your minds. He’ll put you on his web and if you’re Republican, you’ll go Vote, and if you’re Democrat, you’ll stay H O M E!

The Republican Base will walk threw the Bowels of Hell to Vote R E P U B L I C A N!

And you need proof? You want PROOF? Here, read it and don’t let it burn your eyes.👀

Just look at the Daily Polls leading up to the November 3rd, 2016 Election.🏃🏃🏃 👀

If you are the vomiting type, you better not look.


You are imploding. You get one good group of Poll Numbers and you pat each other on the back-We got this!


Just like in 2016, Reported Poll Numbers appear to have been, quite possibly, manipulated in such a way that Many LAZY DEMOCRATS didn’t bother to V O T E! Every means of Keeping Democrats at Home instead of Voting was done. And that’s how all of you played into Trump’s Hands. He BESTED YOU by Beating You at His Own Game. Razzle Dazzle!

Dazzling, Razzing, Magnificent Mind Tricks put a dagger in your hearts. Trump beat you! And it’s your OWN FAULT because of your truly Lazy Base.

Trump and the Trump Base and the Republican Manipulated Media is going to show, say, and do many things to K E E P all you Democrats at home.

Why? All of you are L A Z Y!

And when you Democrats hand the keys to Trump a 2nd Time for FOUR MORE YEARS, you will only have your Democratic Butts to blame for this taking place. And it will happen. It’s already started showing how easy to sway your Vote is.

Democrats are Scaredy Cats. Scared of your own Shadows! Yes, you are. All of you are.

And the Republicans are going to keep Trump in Office because you lazy Butts will believe any manure fed all y’all. And the Majority won’t come out to V O T E! Nope, won’t happen. Won’t!

Lazy, Lazy, Lazy, Lazy Scardy Cats! Better known as DEMOCRATS!

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