COVID Vaccine Nightmares are Coming!

  1. There is No Information how these Vaccines will affect Pregnant women and the baby inside of them.
  2. Getting the Vaccines out to everyone is going to be extremely difficult. They are putting the Distribution in the hands of the State’s. REALLY? These Vaccines come with dangerous priorities like the next one mentioned-
  3. And one of the biggest slaps in the face is that some of them MUST be kept at extremely COLD TEMPERATURES. At Minus 80 degrees, where the Heck are they going to put it and the hoops that Users will have to jump thru to then get it into your Arm is No Easy Task! These mNRa Vaccines are not the most stable. One mix-up and it could cause lots of harm.
  4. I keep reading Abstracts on these Vaccines and every time there is a SEVERE effect upon a Test Subject, whatever it is or was does not get Released! Why?
  5. How will they know if it works?
  6. Works for HOW LONG?
  7. But what happens when one of us have a GRADE ONE SEVERE EFFECT from the Vaccine?
  8. Who pays for Your New Health Condition?
  9. Government lowering Liabilities if the Vaccine kills us is oddly strange. Limited LIABILITY means Fewer taking a Vaccine.
  10. There is No Guarantee when you take the Vaccine.
  11. Two Shots makes me disappointed. Some come with only One Shot.
  12. You got a Vaccine Idea? Then Submit it-