Historical 2020! Keep Strong Everyone! And yes, I’m talking to all of Us.. No matter where you Live!

Imagine you’re in your School’s Big Drama Production and you left your Costume Clthes at Home.

Imagine you’re on the Field and your Team has the Ball and it’s TIED! And there is only 30-seconds left.

Imagine you’re on a Date and you ponder pulling your Mask down to Kiss a Friend.

But no matter the Situation. BE STRONG!

In all of this PANDEMIC, if you look at it as a Big Ole Book, we’re about 2/3 of the way through it. And here is where we must be Strong. It’s hard, it’s tough. And we all want to Run Naked in the Streets pulling out our hair! DON’T! Please DON’T. But if you do, please don’t get Caught. Lol.

Now, all of us must reengage in showing our Love for one another. And let me tell you what all of my Research is showing-

  1. I believe America has done what my Generation failed to do-Awaken the Awareness that their Can be A Better America! My Vietnam War Generation started headed down that difficult road, but Getting the Hell Out Of Vietnam Superseded Everything!
  2. And until 2020, All Generations Failed Our Fellow Man! The Majority wasn’t seeing it, wasn’t hearing it, and didn’t try hard enough to Stop it.
  3. 2020 is the Most Historic Year in American History! Pandemic and The George Floyd Movement. Yes, George Floyd’s Death was the heart-piercing plunge into America’s Heart and Her Mindfulness.
  4. The Continued Protests in PORTLAND has Guided Our Way. Yes, with this Rock Solid Stance proves that America’s Society has got to change for what it has Promised all Americans on paper. Now, all of us must prove those Powerful Words on Historical Paperwork are True. That they have Meaning. Words without thoughts to the Heavens Often Fly!
  5. Yes, I loved Woodward’s Words that we’ve awoken from our time in a Cave. Yes, we have and sadly, many things weren’t being exposed in the Media. Sadly, many things have been revealed via Cell Phone Videos. And if you are engaged in Hate Crimes, you are No Friend to me or any of my Friends. Get that Shit out of here.
  6. Please Be Strong and don’t give-up. You, me, all of us will get thru this No Matter where you live in America or the World. Right now. The World is undergoing many positive changes…be one too.
  7. If you are upset by the Racial Equality Discussion, I want you to know that this is the most Magnificent Conversation Americans have ever had. Many other places in the World too. Way, way, way too long in its coming. And I believe God’s Pandemic put all the World in a place to finally see things that they had never Stopped and THOUGHT-Hey, that’s wrong. That is wrong. We got to get this Right!
  8. Forget your Unnecessary Worries! Let them go. Be Strong!