Rams spank that Cowboys Behinds!

Even Jerry Jones appeared to be wiping tears from his eyes sitting all alone up in the Stands. The Stands with NO FANS!

It was a disgrace! Them Boys never took control of the game because in many ways, they seemed like a Team that had a bad case of Jet-Lag. But if this is an example of this year’s play, the Cowboys won’t even be in the Playoff Running, they’ll do good to win four Games, and here’s why?

  1. Conditioning was very questionable-they appeared to have run out of Gas, in the 1st three minutes of the Game!
  2. Play Calling was Suspect! Very Suspect! Even a 7th Grader would have gone for the Field Goal.
  3. Prescott went into His usual Run for Cover Throwing game when he feels pressured. Is he getting COLD FEET? Many Quarterbacks run into that Scary Wall of Fear and they throw Panicky Style. Hey, I dumped the Ball, please don’t hit me! This performance was lacking for a Franchise QB.
  4. Simply put, the Cowboys were being beaten down in every Category-Slow and Out of Breath…out of focus.
  5. Come’on Now, even in Oklahoma, didn’t they teach you to get to the 10 Yard Line by the sticks the Refs are holding on the sidelines, then turn, and then Catch the Ball? Go two yards, turn, and catch the Ball? This ain’t COLLEGE BALL! You may have been good there, but in the Pros, you’re only okay.
  6. Has Elliot now come to a point where he is playing like a Drunken Boxer from too many Hits? I don’t see him going over 500-yards this season. And Pollard looked Afraid to Get Hit! Please, don’t hit me!
You stay put, I’ll see you next Play!

But all in all, the Cowboys looked lacking! Lacked Focus! Lacked Coaching! At this Rate, I see a New Head Coach before Season’s End. Really Looked slow! Looked Out of Breath! Looked like Rookies in many ways! A New Coach? Where? And their Leader in the Huddle didn’t look like a Leader. He looked LOST in the Pocket and on the Sidelines. Big Name receivers? Where were they? Cheating, grabbing, Holding only hiding you done grown slow and old.

Man, these Cowboys are making us look Great! I guess they believed me when I told them they could take the Night Off.

Defense looked like they had cement shoes on and were taking instructions from the Rams Offense. wth?

Cowboys, if y’all don’t improve quickly, you’ll have to pay Fans to come see your Games. And your paychecks will bounce.

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