Reads to Read…

I’m sure you, like everyone, has been reading a bunch about Our Planet. And anytime you read Climate this and THAT, you might turn away and skip all of it together. But at what point will everyone STOP, LOOK, AND LISTEN? And today, I read a very disturbing Article about all of this. I mean, at what point will the Air become unbreathable and such? I mean, what one thing will fully demonstrate how many Generations have caused an End to all that we know? What will it be?

I’m on the way out, but tons of kiddos and such aren’t. But being Old doesn’t mean I don’t care. I care. I do. But gosh, the enormous size of this Issue I’m thinking has reached beyond Man’s own capability of fixing it. Won’t happen.

I was hoping Hydrogen Technology would advance to such a point where Electrical Generation would be solved and Mother Nature Coexistence would be solved. But it hasn’t reached such a place. And the things that cause most of the Pollution is not fixable. An example is How Coal continues to be burned at a Super Rate all over the World. And it’s not just Power Plants. But cooking and heating everywhere.

Man cannot stop himself because it is Money Involved. And when Money is Involved, Money and Profits always wins out. You can show people the real Results and people Might frown, but they can’t change nothing…they, we, you cannot change anything.

You buy an electric car and beat your chest and say-See,I did my part.

And ten gas burners will leave the same showroom. And there isn’t a Magic Electric Pill to drop in water to recharge your electric car’s battery. Well, is there? No. but here are a couple of new Reads to check out for sure-