Americans on LOCKDOWN by December 15th…

LOCKDOWN…either a dreaded word or a time for Binge Watching a ton of stuff. But financially and medically, America will be in another LOCKDOWN by December 15th…and oh my yes, lots of fingers of blame will emerge. But this will be a bitter time in many minds as it will be the ONLY WAY to gain CONTROL of a frightful Super Spread of the Virus.

But when the daily Death Toll here in America hits just shy of Five Thousand a day, everyone will sit up and finally listen. Yes, all of it will come to a screeching stop. All except essential workers providing essential services and even Coffins will be sporting a New Premium Price Tag. And again, the blame game will be in full force. And there will be Eyeball Popping Violence with the Federal Troops finally called out to put the Hellraisers in their places. No, it won’t be a Revolution. It will be just folks letting off steam with their anger and frustrations of a 2nd LOCKDOWN.

And this is where and when a 2nd Stimulus Package Is going to be needed. A real one. No, not a “Skinny One”. No, this one won’t need a cute name like a “Cares Act”. This one Needs to be called what it will be-A Survival Act by January 31st, 2021.

Forget worrying about things you have no control over. But everyone can Damn Well Plan Ahead for lots of things now and not later. Stock away any monies you can. Buy a reasonable stock of food and medications and Toilet Paper and such. No, not like before with needless items being bought, but things you know you or your family needed in the last Lockdown. Yes. You know. Ramen Noodles are always a good stock to have in the months ahead.

We’ve all been thru one Lockdown and this next one will last two months and could extend for three. Yes, this time America will have to put on their Big Boy Jeans and do it correctly for this to work. Protesting will be BANNED during this LOCKDOWN. A Lockdown to Save Lives is exactly what it sounds to be. Not a Lockdown and then come out to Protest. This one will actually be done to keep the Death Numbers from turning into 10-15,000 Deaths a day or more. And it’ll take the entire Nation to fix it right once and for all. It can be done and If It had been done correctly before, we would not be facing such a terrible Winter.

And don’t look to the WH for Guidance, they’ll all be working on where they’ll be employed NEXT. They had their shot and they blew it. This is not a Political Statement. This is facing the Facts as they have been laid down for ALL OF US TO SEE. And playing Ignorant a 2nd time is completely unacceptable. Voting strictly Party Lines has gotten all OF US into a messy menagerie of worthlessness ideas and undergoing unnecessary and unwanted mediocrity.

I’m not kissing Russia or North Korea and their butts. I’m not. Are you? I never hated the Chinese, do you? I’ve never seen all of these things Obama did as being Reckless and Careless. GOP Voted all of it in back then too. Rich People have always had a hate toward Black People, not the Working Class. It’s the stinking Ultra-Rich that has kept all of Slavery and Jim Crow alive even during a PANDEMIC.

Time to step up to the Plate and right the ship back up. And yes, that is Political when it affected the entire Nation in a negative way. But enough said. Just everyone needs to do the Right Thing and forget playing Games. Folks, we’re heading right into the Eye of the Storm. We are. And if you can’t see the Signs, then you must be Blind.

But again, it’s time to plan for this Upcoming Bad, I’m talking Real Bad, Winter and the Disease it will bring. It’ll cause great harm and Death. And it will be more of the same, but ten times worse in many ways. Tax Revenues will be Lost as People will be unemployed. Look now for a JOB that will weather this Upcoming Storm of Disease. But prepare now. Do not delay another day. But again, get only what you will need.

I hope, but I cannot guarantee that the worst in some will come out this Winter. Ass-clowns to the Left of us and Jokers to the Right. But I’m talking the ones that bring out pure evil in folks and Violence. Planned Violence! The worst kind. And after the Elections, I now expect it because the Media and TV Hosts have only repeatedly placed the Idea into the minds of Stupid People. People who make great recruits for Cannon Fodder. Promoting the thoughts of Deadly Violence is a bad way to express your Constitutional Rights. If you’re pissed, be pissed, but Bite Your Tongue before you promote killing Sprees after the Elections and Voting TWICE.

But the heart of the matter is this-Get Ready for Another Lockdown. They say it won’t ever happen again. Well, get ready because it will. And America won’t be alone. The World will be on Lockdown too. Many Trades of Steel and such will take another 30-45% slump as People will hunker-down in their War Bunkers. But no, it still won’t be like any PURGE Movie unless that is what you are seeking. And damn it, some will because they are just that Stupid. They will use Anger as their excuse. But bare and empty shelves and kids going hungry will be a factor.

Food Banks will be hit with the Greatest Demand since WWII and the Great Depression combined. Yes, this will be the greatest Winter of all times and nothing will fix it without another LOCKDOWN. And ones saying that there would never be another Lockdown, well, they just got it wrong. And sure, no one planned for this Virus to still be around. But People have proven how many could not predict the Future. And many Americans have proven their Bad Behaviors and are keeping the Virus around. Far worse than anyone expected. But people are going to live and they want to PARTY and when you mix Macho with Booze, you gonna get Fool’s Gold every time.

But I’m thinking that by the middle of End of January, we will need a real Stimulus Package and maybe, it should be held back until after the next President is sworn in so the Money truly goes to where it is most needed.

I cannot believe it will be dealt out successfully by a Leaving Administration that will already be pissed by losing the WH. But only one person successfully caused that. Just one who must be removed because of proven bad behaviors and actions. But part of me thinks the man actually did what he could do so he would be Voted-Out. This way, he can move on back to TV where I think he loves most. Where he’d rather be.

But time will soon tell. just get READY. And please be one of the People that keep America Safe. We don’t need to shoot, kill, or hurt each other over a Lockdown or the Outcome of an Election.

We got to get thru this Winter-all of it.

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