China Testing NASAL BLAST!

I was wondering if anyone would attempt this method of Delivery of a COVID-19 Vaccine. And like I love about China is that they are more motivated than any Country on Earth to HELP the World defeat this Virus. And I hope these Trials lead to a successful and safe Vaccine all of us can take. I’m calling this latest one NASAL BLAST! No, that’s not the name, but sounds COOL if it WORKS?

China on Wednesday approved phase I human testing for the nasal spray vaccine, which is co-developed by researchers at Xiamen University and Hong Kong University, as well as by vaccine maker Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise Co.

Intranasal spray has previously been developed as a vaccine for the flu and is recommended for use among children and adults who want to avoid the more common needle injection. While it is not the most frequent choice for delivery, scientists around the world are working to develop sprays as an alternative to muscle jabs for all sorts of vaccines.

China’s Candidates

The intranasal vaccine is the 10th candidate from China to proceed to the crucial stage of human testing. The country is building its lead in vaccine development after western front-runner AstraZeneca Plc had to pause its late-stage human trial to investigate a spinal cord illness in a person who received its experimental shot.

And China is way ahead of the Game by inventing, designing 10 Vaccines while some Pharmas are still completely dumbfounded that they Got so damn much money from Operation Warp Speed with No Vaccines proven or barely being contemplated. Like a Rich Kid at an Early Retirement Party.

But China is blazing ahead in the Race to fix the Planet. Folks, Fixing the Planet while many are only concerned with Profits or a Targeted Audience. And just a few days ago, AZT1222 hit a possible huge sag in their entire Vaccine Testing protocol. A nasty diagnosis is waiting an Independent Review. And if it fails, the massive Production of AZT1222 already in progress may come to a screeching Halt. And then what?

Years of Testing moved into ONLY a few months has everyone worried. Is it safe? Are they Safe? And so much Media while so little Testing has been done. 20-30,000 people getting a Brand’s Vaccine is not the millions that will truly tell the Tale with undeniable results. Then, we will know.

But I hope someone will come-up with a Vaccine that will CRUSH the Virus anytime anyone gets infected. A COVID Virus Killer Vaccine when we get the Virus. Recent Polls show ONLY 17% of Americans will get a Vaccine as soon as they come available to us. Most are saying they’ll take a Wait and See approach. And that means a ton more could become infected while deciding on whether to take a Vaccine.

But choices will be appearing in 2021-2025. I think 2025 will be when the World starts to be more normal than it is now.

And I recently heard China is attempting to find out how Biden would treat China if President? Joe and I think alike on almost everything and I completely believe The Biden Administration will be fair with all Countries ready for a New Start, a New Beginning with the United States. It’s a World Economy. No Nation, and NO PERSON needs to garnish all the Profits from Trade. All Countries MUST get a profit in their Trade with America and NOT BY SELLING AMERICA ILLEGAL DRUGS! Fair Trade Practices! I believe with the Help of other Countries, America beat it’s Drug Problems. We got to. This can be done.

But I now Hope a new NASAL BLAST will fix all of us in defeating this Deadly Virus.