“91101” an Invitation for War

An Invitation to War

I had worked that night and was sleeping when the phone rang. I was asleep. I didn’t want to get up and walk 30 feet to where the Landline phone was ringing from. But it wouldn’t quit ringing over and over. So, half pissed and not knowing, I got up and went to the phone sitting on an end table. A familiar voice from a friend was on the other line using a Cell Phone.

A Plane just flew into the World Trade Center.

World Trade Center? What the hell was that I thought alongside of what size of plane?

It’s on TV.

Okay, I’ll take a look.

I picked up the Remote and turned on the TV. And then Dang! There it was and I sat down.

What’s going on?

It was a Commercial Plane. Not a small plane.

Then another Plane hit!

It’s a planned Attack! They’re using large Passenger Planes. Get ready, we’re going to War. It’s an Invitation.

The young man on his Cell Phone was as silent as his phone was. And I sat down and watched the rest of the News unfold. And then, the horrible sight of the whole thing collapsing like nothing I’d ever seen before. And when that happened, I was numb. And so was America. And the young Voice on the other end of the phone call went into the U.S Marines and to War in Iraq. America was Angry! I was Angry! And as the Details of each plane and it’s Target became known, America’s Anger grew and bit grew! Acts of Heroism, as they became known, helped control the Maddening Anger taking Hold of America.

One thing is for sure, no matter what you think about Americans, when you Attack our Country, you Attacked All of Us. And we’re all about THE BIG PAY BACK! And we ain’t afraid to bring it to you anywhere in the World…

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