Russians Discover Alien Colony on Moon

Alien Colony living on the Moon

NASA sent out an ALL HANDS ONBOARD Declaration at 0400 this morning. On a regular Orbit around the Moon, a Russian Discovery Satellite caught an amazing picture. On the Moon’s Northern realm, there was an intercept message caught on a high, narrow Beam Band. Russia was the 1st Country to begin searching the Airways on this New Band and it has already proven a Useful Tool now detecting an Alien Colony. NASA is not completely onboard yet.

In a remarkable Speech, Putin has declared the Discovery completely made by Russian Technology. European Scientist are still very skeptical. No one is joining the Russians and no News Media has accepted what the Russians are declaring to be the Truth. Putin is already making plans for another Russian Holiday in honor of this Historic Discovery.

But if this is an Alien Colony, where are the Aliens? Yes, what do they look like?

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