Your Puppy and you…

Training a German Shepherd Puppy!

After over 40 years of Training German Shepherds, I’ll give you what is important to me…

  1. This Dog is a family Member, treat them as such.
  2. Thou shall Love your new family member.
  3. Your Puppy is an Animal and no matter what you might think, you must always remember animals have animal Traits.
  4. You get back what you put into this new relationship.
  5. Do not, I do not belly rub any Puppy. This will come back to haunt you. If they sleep on their back, this is good and you can use this time to observe Ticks or Fleas.
  6. I do not train any Dog to ATTACK another person. If your Dog respects you. They will stand with you in Defense. Do not ever encourage your Dog to become Aggressive.
  7. Feed your Dog good food. I use PURINA Puppy Chow. Vitamins.
  8. Shampoo your Dog.
  9. Use a Collar and Lease early in your Puppy’s Life. This will help on trips for Veterinary Services.
  10. Teach your Dog to walk beside you, with the head nearly even with your lead leg. If you don’t, the Dog is Leading you.
  11. Get and Train your Puppy to enter and use a Cage for sleeping and for Visitors who are afraid of Dogs.
  12. Your Puppy will learn to play as rough as you play. I use a pair of Leather Gloves for Fun Play where they can mouth your hands. They love Play Time and so will you. But this works well for Puppies. I never do this for Older Dogs.
  13. Have TOYS! Rope Toys and squeaky toys and such. In no time, they will decide a place in your Home as their Toy Treasure Area where they will take the Toys.
  14. Wait until the Puppy is older on Rawhides to chew. They often times upset their stomachs.
  15. Puppy Paws will cut your arms and hands from the point on their claws. Dew Claws will cut you too.
  16. An Older dog will usually help teach your Puppy too.
  17. Your Puppy is a 10-15 Year commitment.
  18. If you make your Puppy a Lap Dog, remember, they will always want Lap Time no matter how Wet or Muddy they are. Lol
  19. Enjoy them, love them, care for them.