Winter will see Flu Cases misdiagnosed as COVID-19!

What a merry time we gonna have. Winter. Yes, this Winter is going to be so confusing that it’s not even funny. Funny? No, the word should be CRIPPLING!

Both viruses are most deadly for the elderly. The flu kills .83% of infected people above age 65, whereas the coronavirus’s death rate is 10.4% for infected people from age 65 to 74, 20.8% for the 75-84 group, and 30.1% for people over 85.

So, let’s take a moment to remember the recent words of-Anyone who has Symptoms does NOT need to be Tested-Those individuals should consider themselves INFECTED with COVID-19.

Okay, yeah, all of us remember that one or do YOU? But did you ever think about it? Okay, let’s take it one step Farther, shall we?

You got Symptoms! You email Your Provider. They say-Okay! You got it. And if the symptoms get worse-Call 911 and take an Ambulance to the ER Room.

But did you catch it yet? Did you?

Right NOW! You call and you say you got Symptoms, they sure don’t want you coming into the Clinic. You’re Contagious!

But out of Fear of you Infecting Others, you most likely will be TREATED as if you are Infected with the Virus.

But here it comes-You Only Got the Flu!

And how many Flu Cases are going to be tossed into the COVID Files? Will this Happen?

I guarantee it will. If you’ve been to your Doctor in these COVID-19 Times, you will find out that you are going to be treated as if you were planning to Rob a Bank. And they don’t want you near them for fear of Guilt through Association.

I’m been. I’ve seen. And it’s like getting into Fort Knox. No one wants this Virus. But a ton of folks are going to get treated as if they got bitten by the Coronavirus when they actually got bitten by a Flu Virus.

And the COVID-19 Numbers will go through the roofs. Yes, they will. October 2020 thru April 2021 is gonna be one Hard Ride for the entire World.