Pray for California!

Over two million acres of forestlands have gone up in smoke burning is a towering inferno of flames. And every time I watch, my heart goes out to Californians. It’s such an extreme sadness. And there are 33 million acres. Nothing seems so sad or hurting as seeing all of these Birds and Animals being burned to Death. And some, instead of talking Prayers for California, are wrapped up in worries of who owns these forestlands? Who? Not me for sure…

58% belongs to the United States Government.

3% is owned by the State of California.

39% is owned by Private Landowners

And Ownership is not the way to go when people point fingers of “Why is this Happening”? It just does. And it’s from all sorts of reasons all the way down to the Human Fire Bug deliberately setting fires.

But the matter still remains-California is Burning!

I hope you will include them in your Prayers…