$3240 is a lot of Money for Only One Medication

$3240 is a lot of Money for Only One Medication and I’m only one of the millions of all us Elderly that are being HAMMERED by Big Pharma. And that’s how much it’s kicking me in my butt! Costing me! Folks, these Costs being PAID to Big Pharma are in the Billions-


And TWO Generics were APPROVED in January 2020 but the PATENT for Big Pharma has been approved for a THREE YEAR EXTENSION! Until 2026!!! That’s 50 dollars of Groceries a whole lot of the Elderly are being screwed out of. What Groceries are you gonna Drop so you can buy your Groceries? And yeah, I’ve had them RE-SHELF Meds because I didn’t have the Monies to get them. But I’m not alone. Tons of us Elderly have And we’ve skipped our daily Meds when there was no monies. And who cares? Do you?

FAIR? Forget Fair, it’s all about grabbing every single egg-sucking penny out of your hands.

And they don’t care. They do not care. And this is just one Drug. Youngster, just wait till you get Old and then you’ll wished you had spoken up about these Outrageous Drug Costs!

And just today, I watched a black woman hand over OVER $500 in CASH to get her Medication of this too. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS! $6000 in one year for just one med. JESUS! Do you hear me? You got $500 just lying around? And I saw TEARS in her eyes. JESUS! Do you hear me?

With No Insurance, people are Kept in Medical Needs POVERTY!

Just wait, your turn is coming…