World, say Hello to China!

🇨🇳 I said the Title of this as a very important reason. World, all Countries MUST embrace each other in a United, Unified Battle to beat back COVID-19. This is the highest, High-Stakes game of Human Survival ever played. Make no mistake. This is no Child’s Game.

And I’m talking for myself, but I hope that everyone will step up to the plate and Welcome China into this Greatest of Battles. This Virus is Deadly and by Winters End, we could very possibly surpass the Death Numbers of the 1918 Spanish Flu.

The World cannot get enough COVID-19 Vaccines. A Vaccine created in China may very well become the one that works best to defeat this Virus. And one Vaccine taken in 2021 might not work later if it is taken a second time.

There are still many, many unanswered Questions lying on the road before all of us. And it’s way past time to lunge disparaging words towards any other Country in Our World. It’s not Put-Up or Shut-Up! But, there is a ton of room for helping each other. And helping all People wanting a Vaccine is paramount. Every one deserves a chance to get a working Vaccine.

And that is where all of us must help each other. We must ensure all get a Vaccine. But also, now comes the Big Questions about will they work on non-healthy individuals. And so many others that may take everyone back to the Drawing Board with other Vaccine Designs. Yes, these Today may work partially. And then what? It’s simple. When it doesn’t work, try, try, try again. And they will. We will. Yes, the World will…

In May, China’s President Xi Jinping

pledged to make any potential vaccine developed by China a “global public good”. And this is very good. All Leaders need to go beyond their comfort zones in bringing an End to COVID-19. It will take all of us to make this happen.