Grim Reaper is STALKING Social Security and Your Benefits!

Never was there a worse time to Plan a Pandemic. But alas, a Pandemic we merrily have obtained. And when it comes Time to Harvest those FICA monthly payments, there will be far, far fewer, a great fewer to be had.

Blame it on whatever you care to? But no matter how many Times a “Grim Reaper is Coming” Alarm has been sounded, it falls upon Deaf Ears. Nothing, not nobody has raised anything more than an Eyebrow!

And as Congress fiddles out a Lovely Tune that only the Rich can enjoy, why haven’t they shored-up the Funds? Instead of shooting another Real Fix into our Economy, they only send paper runners up and down the hallways of Congress. Might ought be better to just make and toss one page paper planes. Or make little animals of them.

But millions are hurting like never before. Families are being forced into subservient slavery from anyone who can pay merely for a Grocery Bill or Gas or Electric Bill. Families forced to get Funds from Family Members.

But here, the Big Deal is coming sooner than Later. And talk of putting Folks on some, if not ALL Social Security. Benefts by age 60 and Not 66-plus. Throw the Age Rules out the Door and watch Social Security come collapsing up on its heels in ten years or less.

Funds giving 70% of what is Promised by 2031 or some other Odd Year will dry-up belching nothing but Hot Air out of the Social Security Bank Vault. 2031 will strangely come fast forward to 2028 or 2025

or even sooner. Are you ready to Force Retired to give-up 55% of their Monthly Payments and tell them-this is on You!

It’s an Evil Reckoning, some will say. But Historians will point that all Americans just sat back and allowed it to come. But, there are others of unnatural things that will be Called Out.

  1. Over 20 Years in Afghanistan and Iraq with still No End in Sight.
  2. The PANDEMIC.
  3. The stimulus Package. And another in Eternal Damnation.
  4. Viewing Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid as a Poor Man’s Piss Pot or Chamber Lady’s Chamber Pot.
  5. Why should I care, there won’t be anything left for me when I get Old or Retire?

But many a person have suddenly been guilded of their Retirement Plan. Years toiling over Work yanked from millions and their grasp. And everyday that Congress delays a 2nd Stimulus Package only adds fury to the problems. Not one, but all of them. And the faster we get the economy rolling, the faster the inevitable shortfall on Social Security and the likes can be staved-off. Fix it? Lol, don’t make us laugh.

But more importantly, none of this should have ever involved Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid at all. PTSD and other Veteran Benefits should have stayed as Department of Defense Expenditures, also. Once Social Security Funds were tapped, they have never been able to Cork them back up. Not NOW, not EVER!