NSA’s Declassified and highly redacted Report clearly Reports UFO’ S have been Visiting Earth!

Dang! Buck Rogers and how many kooky space Movies have come about? And Area 51? And as we look up into the sky, are Alien Spacecraft’s in our Skies? I, like you, have always thought so or just a tiny remote possibility. But I’ve never been a believer. But us Old People do Old Stuff most others wouldn’t dare do because our tickers are flickering and we don’t never know how much time we got left and while most would never visit the NSA website for fear of being out on their THE LIST, well, I went snooping and yes, I found what I never thought possible. Nope! Never believed in the green men and stuff. Not ever thinking I’d find any written proof or typed proof. But there it was. Proof Positive! Hmm…lucky find or was I being set-up? Proof…so I DOWNLOADED the PDF file and here, on page 15 or handwritten page 215 in this PDF file is the proof you may not want to become aware of-

And below is the NSA website I got it from. Yes, it is now in their FREEDOM OF INFORMATION pages.


So, there is the Proof in all of those Highly Redacted pages just like the JFK pages. But are we still ready for this truth? And on one I DOWNLOADED, I printed some pages and then I was able to put it on an overhead projector screen and there. Right there was the Laser Frequency to CONTACT the little Green Men. Whatever the Heck a laser frequency is? Yes, there the poorly darkened “marked-out” pages could be seen what someone tried to hide. But other pages can be read once put up on a 3-D projector screen and it discusses visiting with these Aliens. There was other stuff I read, but I’m thinking it might be better feeding a hungry audience slowly so all of us can digest the reality of it all.

Now, who would have ever thought. Not me. Unless, I read it and found it myself, from a Legit Source, I’d most likely not believed it. But, who cares unless you’re the one talking with them? Just imagine the kind of technology they have to be using to VISIT all of us here. Intensely technical for sure.