On the Eve of Destruction…

So many Events remind me of this Song…Listen to it

Babe, man oh man, every time I start to think we’re moving forward, we only S T O P to prove man’s frailty. And dang, we still got a mess of problems. And people Today are making the same mistakes we made a long time ago-waiting on Politicians to fix our Problems. And sure, they’ll Fix that Problem if you put them in Office. But everybody didn’t stop to think what other cantankerous baggage they bring with them when we do put them in Office. And I guarantee, they gonna bring more than a Freight Car of them.

And now comes the Pandemic and soon, the 1st Batch of Vaccines for it. But there looms the Grim Reaper. Which of us will Death’s Finger point to? Or will your own finger point back at you in the Mirror? It’s mostly entirely your Decision on what each of us do. Well, most of us do unless you’re a kid and then your parent will decide for you.

But, Gerald Ford was needing a Re-Election Win and many folks still claim the Swing Flu Shot Of 1976 was a play pulled out of the Re-Election Playbook. Only a few had gotten that Flu and only a few instantly went into claiming it was going to be a repeat of the 1918 Spanish Flu. And a Campaign to get Your Shot or Die went into full swing. And Ford won. But while many went clamouring that they had performed their CIVIC Duty, while others weren’t so happy. Actually, they were quite sad. These were the new Swine Flu Vaccine Victims.

The real victims of this pandemic were likely the 450-odd people who came down with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare neurological disorder, after getting the 1976 flu shot. On its website, the CDC notes that people who got the vaccination did have an increased risk of “approximately one additional case of GBS for every 100,000 people who got the swine flu vaccine.”

Several theories as to why this happened exist, they say, “but the exact reason for this link remains unknown.” As for the flu shot today, the CDC writes, if there is any increased risk it is “very small, about one in a million. Studies suggest that it is more likely that a person will get GBS after getting the flu than after vaccination.”


But now. We are once again set upon by a great struggle of Civil Rights and this PANDEMIC. And Add in an Election. And I ask everyone this-when you give these Vaccines to Healthy Individuals, where does the Burden of Proof lie? Do you understand how significant my question is?

“CDC urgently requests your assistance in expediting applications for these distribution facilities and, if necessary, asks that you consider waiving requirements that would prevent these facilities from becoming fully operational by November 1, 2020,” CDC Director Robert Redfield wrote in the letter. The CDC and HHS “are rapidly making preparations to implement large-scale distribution of the Covid-19 vaccines in the fall of 2020,” Redfield wrote. Hooray? Or should we look just a little bit farther, shall we? Hmm…November 1st seems such a queer date to me, how about you?

Lol! Yes. I laughed and now, I’ll tell you why. It’s all about the Polling Stations, Polling Locations across the Country. And the November 1st Date for Every body getting a COVID-19 Vaccine their 1st Dose of a Two Dose Vaccine sounds quite seemingly I N N O C E N T! Right? I’m afraid it could prove to keep Trump in Office! And not by being an Election STUNT. By what the Vaccine causes.


AND THESE VACCINES CAUSE A FEVER for up to One Week. A FEVER is just one of the Vaccine’s Adverse Effects.

Will coronavirus vaccines have side effects?

More than half of those receiving early COVID-19 vaccines reported mild, short-term side effects such as fever, headaches, muscle aches, and injection-site reactions. 50% with a Fever is 50% that can’t V O T E. But these are individuals in Perfect Health.

But did anyone take the time to read these Abstracts Released on how these Vaccines are did in their Phase I, Phase II,

and PHASE III Trials? No. Not for phase III yet.

Phase I and PHASE II are pointing to fevers caused by the Vaccines. And Phase III Results aren’t even out because Recruiting Test Subjects of PERFECTLY FIT Individuals has not been completed for any Phase III test groups.

But sure, they have already ramped-up Production of these Unproven Vaccines because We’ve PAID them to.

And when we get the Test Results of the 1st Million Vaccinations of Non-Healthy Individuals will we get the True Results. These Results of these 1st Million will be important. But I’m thinking Every One should get their Vaccinations after the Elections so they can stay home with their Fevers.

Maybe, November 5th?

November 1st totally S U C K S!

It’s Daylight Savings Day Sunday!

And two Days before the Election Day. And if you got a fever, you won’t be able to enter the Polling Place to V O T E!

And these fevers are lasting for about a week in instances. So, maybe, just maybe, there shouldn’t be a Rush to get the VACCINE on November 1st.

But instead, we should rush to postpone the Vaccine until immediately after the Election so all have a chance to VOTE.

I’m a nobody and I don’t know nothing for sure, but do you?

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