Monkey Luva or Monkey Lover?

Yes, all you people gonna become Monkey LUVAS?

Part of this is very True, the other part is to help you find a moment to smile, forget your troubles, and yes, laugh. Do Enjoy!

Or for the spelling correctors?

Monkey L O V E R S? Yes, you most certainly will. And you never ever considered becoming a Monkey Lover, now have you? But you are, you will…at least millions of us will be. But who will and who WON’T? WTH? Not you, you say. Well, since you asked so nicely and I see the confusement on your face, so, I’ll lay it down for you-

One of the promising COVID-19 Vaccines uses a replication-deficient chimpanzee adenovirus as part of its Secret Recipe. And while you are sitting, lying, or standing, if you get this particular shot, you will get Monkey Lover Particles in you. Yes, you are going to be injected with a Monkey Virus. Monkey Lover Particles from a Chimpanzee. A Chimpanzee! And in no time. Will you begin hobbling over and start making Monkey Luva Sounds and run to the Grocery Store to steal yourself some B A N A N A S? Will there be a MAD Run on bananas? A massive wave on them? Not to forget the Massive Run on Diapers and Depends!

And will all you Monkey Lovers know each other when your fingers begin growing longer? And Bald Men will become Hairy all over. And “Bald is Beautiful” signs will be tossed. You’ll never need another Dental Appointment. Forget Shampoo and Soap, you hate baths. And sure, I may become a Monkey Lover too. It’s all part of the grinding out a Halt to the Pandemic. Your choice-Covid or Monkey Luva…M O N K E Y L O V E R!

But will we be attracted to each other? How? Through guttural mutterings that ONLY other Monkey Lovers will know? Who will sit and pick fleas and ticks offing you? Or will we find ourselves in a few years with an inability to talk to each other because we got struck by a new Monkey Lover Disease? You know, like in the latest Monkey Movie-Rise of the Planet of the Apes? Or Monkey STDs?

Yes, one Vaccine America has already Ordered is a Monkey Luva COVID Vaccine. For all you Monkey Lovers.

And as a Monkey Luva, (in the Pics below) you can get instantly angry, forget stuff, sit on the corner of any street begging, sit in mindless or mindful thought, let Monkey LUVAS smell your armpits, and you won’t be able to recognize your Monkey Luva Kid, and You will get M A D, and you’ll scratch your head wondering where you can get another B A N A N A. Lol…