Congratulations! The ROCK and XFL!

The Rock Announces Deal to Buy XFL Is Official, Congratulates Partners

I LOVED the XFL! It was fun to watch and met my needs! I loved having my son and his son their! Grandpa, Son, and Grandson! I loved watching it on TV and in Person. It was a BLAST! I’m convinced there is a place for the XFL and it has so much potential…yes, it truly does! I see a lot of talented individuals taking the leap from XFL to NFL! This will be a good proving ground for many talented College Players who desire that 2nd Chance and that 2nd look by the NFL.

But again, it was so much fun…i actually enjoyed these games more than many NFL games. It felt real, not Money Bought Players-if that makes any sense to you.

Playing for the love of the Game of Football.