BEAT COVID-19! RUN Bare-Assed Naked as “Streaking” is Your RITE of Passage!

Yep! My oh my yes, America Needs to Go STREAKING! All over the Country! Right Now! Forget Your Troubles and Go Streaking!!! Beat the Virus! And if you’re Scared, Wear a Mask! But oh yes indeed, Go Streaking sooner than later. Hey, what are you waiting for? Permission from Mommie and Daddy? Just Do it!

1973! 1973! 1973! Streaking Grabs A hold of College Campuses! And we RAN! RAN! RAN! RAN! AND WE GIGGLED! AND WE LAUGHED! AND OUR GENITALIA CAUGHT WIND! We Streaked Our Butts Off! And Loved every minute of it…lol

Yes, nothing was finer than having the Campus Cops Chasing your bare-assed Naked body as the wind blew as you flew like the wind. Even Japanese College Students got it Right! Don’t let COVID-19 BEAT YOU! Break it down, stripe off those clothes and Run like the Wind! Film It! POST IT! GRADUATING STUDENTS GO STREAKING!

Wind raced against our Nutt-Sacks and we giggled and we laughed! We were standing up and being Counted! We were more filled with Life than ever before!

And as our bare-asses Streaked, Grandpa Popped Off his eyeglasses trying to get his Groove-On as his eyes were trying to pop out of their eye sockets! WE WAS NAKED AND RUNNING! And Grandma swallowed her Chewing Tobacco! And we laughed and laughed as the Campus Cops were trying to catch us and some even coated their whole bodies with Vaseline to make themselves super slippery.

But if you ever needed to put a smile on your face and do something everyone will remember you for-

GO STREAKING! LET THAT GENITALIA BREATH THAT FRESH AIR flowing effortlessly from between your legs.

Morning and Evening Streaking is B E S T! And gather-up you Fraternity Bros! Sorority Sisters! And STREAK!


Be Happy! Be Joyful! Get Naked and RUN!


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