Will Police Likely Kill US too?

Police Killings by Race

Nothing is more Upsetting than Watching a Video of Police Brutality, Police Violence. They are very upsetting no matter what the Color of our skin is…it is intense and quite instantly, it makes us feel as if it has personally violated every one of us. Yes, it feels as if every one of us have been WRONGED because each of us knows what is right and correct. We not only feel instant empathy, we feel instant emotions ranging from anxiety to stress to A N G E R! Each of us have a set of Rules in our minds of Accepted Behavior, yes, in our minds, for all Professions.

And when we see these Rules broken, it instantly makes us feel B R O K E N. Violence in these videos are instantly noticeable. Others may occur later as we think about something we saw. And as soon as we see a Video of Police Violence or Brutality, we stop, watch, take note. And then our minds attempt to figure out what just took place, what we too just witnessed. And our own level of empathy may put us so deeply into the Video that we feel as if we were right there, in the video too.

And when an Officer in Uniform shoots someone. WE TAKE NOTICE. Big Notice! Why? What if that was us getting Shot, Our Spouse or Kids? Remember, we’re the Public. We haven’t had any special training in How to Deal with this Event. No Deescalation Tactics taught to us. We don’t have Mental Health Individuals to help us get over it. We are Stuck Like Chuck. And some of us feel broken. Deeply Hurt. Deeply Injured.

And the more times we Watch the repeated Showing of this Video on TV, the worse we become. Watch it enough times and it will make you very sick or very angry. Yes, seeing this, we will run into our boxes of emotions and we will be Hurt by what we are viewing. The Color of Our Skin done flew out the window when we saw George Floyd being Killed. Being Murdered! America became angered by what all of us saw. America is still UPSET.

And it doesn’t matter where we live, wrong is wrong And nothing was more Worse than seeing these Most Wrong KILLING Videos shown on TV since the Vietnam War! A far cry worse than Open Murder.

And now, Jacob Blake is another example of a horrible shooting. Shot 7 times in his back and now said to be paralyzed from waist down. And I can relate as my own daughter was shot thru her chest with a .45 Caliber handgun. The suffering Jacob and his family will now live with is something I could speak Volumes about. It will be moments of intense Hell in his lifetime.

But now, I do see Jacob Blake becoming one of the best Public Speakers if he so chooses to do so. And I would love to hear him talk in person. But my own daughter cares not to speak about the shooting. Why? The pain of memory. Remembering it. The whole thing is painful to remember. For all of us and I can’t say much on how to make the feelings feel better cause, for me, they stink.

And as you saw the Graph at the beginning, you saw where we fit into the Death Chart. But, if these shootings get to you so much that you are suddenly feeling all alone and nobody cares about you.

CALL SOMEONE! Don’t go it alone…

And I know, I know, I know, all of us are Upset and nothing I can say can change our being Upset. We should be Upset and not shrug these events off of any Police Violence, Police Brutality.

But I do know, none of us have the right to hurl bricks at Cops saying we do. These bad Acts by Bad Characters do not give us the right to weaponize our actions because we saw a Video.

But trust this, if I can live with this damn, unforgiving, mentally punishing PTSD with Psychotic Episodes, I believe there is Hope for all of us. Read my book. A Panther’s Father. I put lots of Hope in it for all of us. And right now, all of us need some of that…bye