Original Origin of the COVID Coronavirus?


Could it be as simple as this? While everyone spends millions trying to uncover the True Origin of the Coronavirus that causes COVID-19, the answer might not be as difficult as all of us think. Could it be this-

BAT GUANO? A very highly prized fertilizer that at the beginning is brimming full of Coronavirus.

Add it to animal diets and Viola! You have your Pandemic Source. Or 96% of it in the fertilizer. And then how many other animals enter into fields and such that are freshly fertilized with Bat Guano. You know what? Months ago, I, like most, skipped right past the possibility of this Pandemic’s Coronavirus being digested from a source fertilized with Bat Guano. Or from a cut foot or toe of a person working with it or in it. Or a finger or hand? Or looking up at the Ceiling of the Cave where Bat Guano is being harvested. And Harvested? My, oh, my, it’s being harvested and sold at a good price.

At the very beginning, I shared with you my Google Search for Bat Guano and then, the suppliers were a lot. But I think maybe the original source is closer to a “freshly collected” specimen and not one that has been processed like this one-

But could such a simple thing have caused all of this Pandemic? As simple as being in a freshly fertilized field or garden-From anywhere in the World?

Yes, it could very well have originated as simple fertilizer shipped anywhere in the World. And then it was used as fertilizer and another Carrier ate or mingled with this Bat Guano and Viola! The disease Source is Found! Bat Guano!

And yes, it could absolutely be as simple as what I’m suggesting and Bat,Guano shipped to anywhere and used anywhere in the World! And all the Sourcing to China as the place where the Virus sprang into the Current Virus that is affecting the World may NOT have been in China at all.

And this is why every Country might need to do a Double-Check on all of their 2019 Bat Guano Shipments that they received and Used from various Countries.

Which Country? Yes, in which Country could the Bat Guano changed into the Current Coronavirus that causes COVID-19? Which person or bird, or snake or pig or what?

Bat guano is sold for use as a fertilizer in several countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, Cuba, and Jamaica. The practice of collecting and harvesting bat guano may pose a considerable health risk because guano miners have a high level of contact and potential exposure to bat-borne pathogens.


And this Mystery may never be resolved. As you can see, several Countries use Bat Guano such as Mexico and then they export items grown in this Bat Guano.

But will we ever know? No, it might be long after any of us have perished that the complete mystery is solved. But again, China may not be at fault in any way. And how would that be? Okay with me for sure…