OMG! I can’t Say God because it might Offend Someone. Really?

GOD, GOD, GOD, GOD, GOD GOD, GOD, I LOVE GOD AND GOD LOVES ME. There, I said His Name and I’m not going to apologize about using GOD and His wonderful Name. I thank God that I have someone to talk to, to pray to. And out of fears of offending someone, has God become a Curse Word to you? Are you Offended? You big baby you…

Because people sat on their hands, sat on their butts, kept their eyes, ears, and mouths closed, GOD has left the lunchroom. Are you having, holding Prayers in secret? Yes, has praying now become something that is so offensive that it must be done in secret? oyou…oh my, someone might be Offended at your home, so you merely skip your Prayer to not offend them. How baby two shoes is that? Say your Prayer. Be Offensive. Let them deal with their thoughts and Not You and Your Family. Speaking Up for God is now at an all time Premium. And either you can, you have the strength or you are a C O W A R D! There, I called you out on your own weakness. Be Strong here on Earth cause it ain’t gonna matter in Hell.

You can say you love God in tons of places in the World, but saying you are Christians can get you Killed. And Christian Numbers Overseas are dwindling because Christians here don’t care. They simply don’t care. That’s there, not here. Well, I’ll argue that because your being non-offensive is the 1st way you will lose your Right in the Religious Arena. By being “Not Offensive” is seen as Weakness. Of being Scared!

Do you remember the old saying-If you don’t Use it, you lose it. But hasn’t it now become-If you don’t defend your saying God now, will you be marched to Death tomorrow? Wth? Your not standing-up now will set the stage for tomorrow and a most terrible World. And I have to ask-Did GOD send the Pandemic to punish us?

Religion and all of our beliefs are under attack more today than at any point in History. And if you are unwilling to defend today, you will lose it tomorrow. And so many say-To hell with Religion.

Is that how you want to be remembered? To hell with Religion.

When they removed Praying from school, they took away a Right that Veterans had fought to allow. A Supreme Court loves taking away Freedoms. If someone is willing to say that they are Offended, Take it to the Supreme Court and get it changed. And Religion is being attacked today. But more so, how scared are you of being seen Praying? Of speaking a Prayer?

You are here in America, the Land of Untold Richness and more and yet. people are scared to speak a Prayer, to be seen Praying. Well, they aren’t all over the World. Except those places that they did not defend it. And why are you afraid to defend Your Right to have a Religion?

And why? They don’t have a Supreme Court and peer pressure like they do here. And why, what is your Fear?

And why are you so afraid? So fearful? I can take your hand and pray with you in person. I’m not afraid. And guess what, God will take your hand and pray with you if you will be unoffended.