Mexico Declares Coca-Cola is Killing Mexicans…it’s all one big Cooperate Lie?

Has MEXICO identified why Americans and Mexicans are so gosh darn OVERWEIGHT? Coca-Cola and all the other Sugary Drink Conglomerates hitting all of us UP with Commercials all Our Lives making all of us believe Life is Happiness with Coca-Cola? Even at Christmas Time, the most Perfect Images of Santa Claus were always on Coca-Cola TV Commercials. Even as a young person and adulthood, we were bombarded with 10, 2, and 4 was Dr. Pepper time. Three times a Day to help you gain that Sugary Fix just like a Junkie.

And now. Aren’t these Soda Water Conglomerates Liable for all of our Fatnesses? Our BEING FAT? And Fast Food and cheap 32 oz. Drinks loaded with tons of S U G A R! We’re we TRICKED? Just like the Youthful Vapers? Yes, we were and they should now pay us for every pound of being Overweight for our Height. Don’t you Agree? Your being Fat. Being Overweight makes each of us a Prime Target for Death Outcomes from COVID-19. Dang, thanks Mexico for pointing this out to us here in America!